Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 19th July 2019 Written Update- Kartik’s beautiful dream

The episode begins with Kartik realizes that everyone is moving on in their life so he should do that as well. At least he can try, Akhilesh listen to his self-talks and wonders why Naira is not taking any action? Here Naira tells Kairav about the ritual of Sawaan Milan. Kairav asks if she used to celebrate it earlier? She gets flashes of her family and Kartik but laughs to avoid her tears. Vansh comes to Kartik to inform him about Badi dadi is not taking medicine. Kartik greets him and thanks him. Here Swarna talks about the arrangements of Kartik marriage and then she explains how messed the relations and bond of this house is. She is missing the peace and unity used to prevail in her house earlier when Naira was here. She cries for Kartik and his helplessness for getting married like this.

Later on, Kartik comes to badi dadi and says why she is not taking her medicine? She says I am so excited for your marriage. Kartik says but takes care of your health first, for your health only I am getting married. Suhasini told him that she is aware of him not in love with Vedika but there is nothing wrong in getting married like the arranged marriages of earlier days. Kartik leaves and Vedika enters there to ask permission for Sawaan Milan festival. Dadi agrees and asks the other ladies of the house to accompany her in preparation.

Here Naira and Liza blindfolds Kairav and takes her to the hall. Naira decorates the whole room beautifully and also arranges a ‘jhula’. Here in the Maheshwari house also everything is set, Vedika prepares the jhula with garlands and petals. They start dancing and celebrating the festival. Parallelly both the ladies are celebrating the ritual and dancing when Naira notice Kairav is behaving exactly like Kartik used to do. She gets flashes of him and her in-laws and goes in a corner and gets upset. Here Kartik also can see Naira everywhere and excuse himself without anyone noticing. Vansh asks him where he is going but he diverts him. Swarna notices from far Kartik being upset. She follows him and finds him crying in a corner.

Here Naira is also crying endlessly and says I am missing your father to Kairav. She starts to speak about her family and Kartik to Kairav. Here Kartik confesses to Swarna that there is not a single day, a moment when he doesn’t remember Naira. He cries and thinks every tiny thing and details remind of her and her presence. Here Naira also says everything reminds me of Kartik and our family, our celebrations, festivals, funs and realizes they are talking alone and goes back to celebration and dance. Here Kartik apologizes to Swarna for being a spoilsport. He goes back to the hall and starts behaving normally whereas Vedika is dancing with joy. Suddenly Kartik feels someone pulls him and he sees Naira. He hallucinates Naira around her and he is celebrating the festival with her. They danced and spend some romantic moments and last sits on the ride with a Radha Krishna pose.

Precap: Kairav feels dizzy and faints and here Vedika’s ride breaks and falls. Kartik shouts Vedika’s name.