Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th September 2021 Written Update: Kartik learns about Sirat’s pregnancy!

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th September 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Swarna saying to Sirat that she don’t want to interfere in her personal life also she don’t want her to fight her battle alone. She asks Sirat if she don’t mind she can ask something. Sirat asks Swarna to continue. Swarna asks Sirat if some tension is going on in between Kartik and her. Sirat tells to Swarna that Kartik was angry with her because she didn’t went for the practice. She add she threw the milk because it was smelling. Swarna says she to Sirat that she got scared when Surekha told her about milk incident. Adding more, Swarna says to Sirat that she see herself in her. She told when she came to the house, she got responsibility of Kartik and Keerti. None raise a question on her, she failed to tell Goenkas about Shubham. Sirat recall Swarnas word and cry. She decide to talk with Kartik to take the best decision for the unborn child.

Sirat call Kartik but fails to talk with him. She gets anxious thinking what will happen if her child come to the world and love for Kairav and Akshu fade. Sirat asks God to help her. Akshu cry and Sirat hatch a plan. Other side, Kartik learns about Sirat pregnancy and stands shocked. There, Sirat about to leave but Akshu stops her.

Manish asks Kartik to start the presentation. Kartik refuses to present and asks Manish to attend. Manish question Kartik and conclude if Sirat is behind his anxious. Swarna meet Sirat and confront her seeing the messed up room. Manish gets angry with Kartik. Kartik think why Sirat hide the truth from him. He calls Sirat but fails to reach her.

Suhasini along with Goenkas pray to Lord Ganesh. Suhasini asks Sirat to prepare the bhog for God to give a good farewell to him. In the meantime, Kartik confirm from Sirat’s doctor about latter pregnancy. He think why Sirat hide the good news.

Gayu help Sirat in making bhog. Sirat feel nausea. There, Kairav and Vansh talk and wish to have one more baby. Sirat over hear Kairav’s talk and think latter himself wants the sibling. She further connects the dot and gets happy thinking about baby. Sirat decide to reveal to Kartik and Goenkas about her pregnancy.

Ahead, Sirat makes Bal Ganesh and looks for a way to reveal to Kartik. She writes a letter to Kartik. Sirat dream Kartik getting happy receiving the news about her pregnancy. Back to reality; Sirat gets a call from Gynaecologist. Doctor asks Sirat to meet her urgently. Sirat leave.

Gayu goes to the kitchen and see the burning food. Suhasini gets angry on Gayu for burning the food. Surekha talk against Sirat. Swarna decide to make the bhog. Manish asks Kartik the reason behind leaving the presentation in the mid. Kartik stand speechless.

Here, Doctor tells to Sirat that her tests to be done. Sirat worries about her pregnancy. Goenkas learn about Sirat’s pregnancy. Suhasini and Swarna gets happy. Kairav and Vansh gets equally happy. Ahead, Kartik wonder why Sirat hide the truth from everyone. Surekha says if Sirat want to harm the child because of her championship. Kartik gets angry on Surekha. Manish side Surekha. Kartik try to call Sirat but fail to reach her. He further receives a letter from Sirat and misunderstand her. He think Sirat has went to abort the child. Kartik gets angry on Sirat. Goenkas feels disgust with Sirat action. Gayu asks Kartik to stop Sirat. Sirat returns back home. Goenkas accuse Sirat for harming the child. Sirat stands shocked. She further revel there was no baby. Kartik refuses to believe Sirat.[Episode Ends]

Precap: Goenkas refuse to believe Sirat. Kartik too refuse to believe Sirat and think if tests are positive than where is the child. Goenkas accuse Sirat for aborting the child.

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