Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 1st August 2019 written update:- Naira gets heartbroken about Kairav illness whereas Kartik feels restless

The episode begins with Naira is completely shaken and devastated with the news of Kairav being critically ill. She apologized to Pallavi for being rude whereas Pallavi says she can understand her state. Naira says my kid is so small and how come god even give him such a critical illness? Pallavi tells Naira that in such cases the chances of recovery remains 50-50 always. Naira faints listen to this and here Kartik chokes while drinking water. Swarna comes there and asks him what is wrong with him? Neither he can eat properly nor he is able to drink water. Kartik says he is constantly feeling someone is in grave danger and that person is dear to him but he is not able to understand what is wrong? Swarna asks him to not stress much and this hard time will pass, Kartik says this dark nights just don’t get over easily mom.

Naira gains sense and the nurse gave her glucose to have to and ask her to take care of herself first as she has a huge fight ahead for Kairav. Naira nods and the nurse goes to inform the doctor. Naira gets up and remembers the first time she took Kairav on her embrace and promised him that from now on she will live for her baby only. She goes out and sees Lairav is having fun with other kids. Liza tells her that she is enough courageous and she should tell Kartik everything now. Naira says I made his life problematic all these years but now just for this entering Kartik life again will look selfish and absurd. I will fight with anything and anyone for my child’s life. She goes to Kairav and asks him what is going on? Kairav introduces her to his friends and says they all live here away from home.

Naira understands she is not alone in this world and boost all the kid’s self-esteem. On the other hand, Suhashini tells that how much happiness Kairav left in the family, all agree to her. Kartik comes back and asks him to sit for tea but he says he is tired enough. Vedika and Swarna notice he removed his engagement ring already and feels depressed and awkward. Naira, on the other hand, arranges a beautiful ambiance for the kids of the hospital and makes them cheerful. The kids get involved and start to enjoy happily with her and she also engages herself in making them happy.

On the other hand, Kartik does workout to divert his mind but all goes in vain. He feels he is getting more tensed and restless but he is not able to figure out what is wrong with him? Here in hospital nurse came to give an injection to a kid and all other gets scared for it. Naira brings hit me doll written “fear” on it. Kids hit the doll and get happy when Pallavi takes Naira in the corner. She tells her that they need to start Kairav treatment immediately. On the other side, Kairav gets tired and goes out of energy while playing with the kids. Naira feels broken to see this and asks the doctor to bring the best people available to treat Kairav. Pallavi says she is trying her best to get him on board.

Precap: Naira spots the whole Goenka family in the temple.