Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st May 2021 Written Update: Will the engagement be postponed?

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ranveer seeing the ring. Chandan comes and asks whose ring is this? Ranveer says it’s Kartik’s ring for her fiance, he has engagement today. Ranveer tries calling Kartik, but Kartik is busy finding the engagement ring. Ranveer says he is not picking up.

Chandan says maybe they found another ring. Ranveer says maybe he is worried for the ring and trying to find it. Chandan says then what to do now? Ranveer says I know where they are living, let me go and give it. Chandan says but we need to go out of here too na, from this place, this city. Ranveer says we can go after returning this. Ranveer and Chandan go for the resort.

Here, Maudi and Suvarna worry that mauhrat is passing by. Surekha suggests to make them wear someone else’s ring. Suvarna says they can’t make Sirat wear someone’s old ring. Sirat says maybe you can make me wear the rubber band put on sweet box. Sirat says if I wear them then it’s easier for me to do boxing as before boxing I would have to remove the ring and it’s so expensive then I won’t be able to focus on boxing. Manish shouts saying then why do you want to do the engagement only. Maudi worries and calms Sirat. Rhea says I think we should cancel the engagement for today as the real date was tomorrow. Sirat looks at her with anger.

Here, Ranveer comes to the reception of Kartik’s resort and asks about Kartik. The receptionist says his engagement is going on in the backside hall. Ranveer thinks I couldn’t marry but I wi make sure this wedding happens. Here, Kartik makes Sirat drink water. Sirat comes out and tries to punch in air and thinks why does life does this with me? Kartik says what are you doing here? Sirat says life doesn’t want me happy, as whenever I feel like I am happy life pulls me back.

Sirat says I am afraid and think about past. Kartik says when life gives us more time we should think more about our decision. Kairav comes and gives them gift, which is a book. He says past something of past on one side and something of present on one side. Kartik says but why like this? Kairav says this way you will always learn from past and apply it on present. They thank Kairav.

Sirat says Kairav made us realise so kuch. They decide to find the ring one last time. Sirat goes inside. Ranveer stops Kartik and returns the ring to him. Kartik invites him to the engagement. Ranveer says actually I have a flight. Kartik says atleast meet my family. Ranveer says actually happy moments are not made for me. Kartik says it’s okay, I understand. Kartik comes inside with a ring and everyone gets happy. Maudi says let me bring the prasad of god from room. Ranveer sees Maudi and follows her. Maudi goes to washroom and Ranveer comes inside the room and sees Sirat’s boxing jacket. Ranveer goes.

Here, Kairav asks what is this chit? Kartik says this was in the ring packet his friend gave. Sirat sees it and remembers Ranveer’s handwriting and thinks how come Ranveer is here? What is going on? But thinks to forget it as she is moving ahead.

Here, Maudi sees Rhea outside and asks her to come inside for engagement. Maudi goes. Rhea thinks why she came here, it’s so difficult to see her love become someone else’s. She suddenly hears Ranveer talking on call saying Chandan I found Sirat. Chandan says what? Ranveer says I saw Maudi here and saw Sirat’s boxing jacket. Ranveer is asked to come back by Chandan. Here, Rhea thinks it’s Ranveer, who is Sirat’s ex. Rhea stops him saying you are Ranveer na who is Sirat’s ex. Ranveer says no and is about to walk away when Rhea says how Sirat always misses her. Rhea says Maudi is making Sirat marry forcefully as the boy has money. Ranveer feels angry.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ranveer sees the engagement from far. After the rasam, Sirat finds Ranveer and he meets with an accident, Sirat is worried.

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