Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 1st November 2019 Written update: Kairav outburst on Karthik and Naira

Episode starts with Kartik says thank you to Naira for gifting hin wonderful birthday gift. Seeing Kartik and Naira moments Pallavi thinks Naira is double faced and using Vedika dissapearance and getting more close family. She tries to call Vedika but her number is unavailable.

Vansh informs Manish about Kairav is not intrested to cut the cake. Manish laughs at Vansh and explains Kairav is just teasing him. Vansh asks Manish to understand the seriousness but Manish won’t take his words seriously. Vansh think to inform another person.

Naira feels happy thinking Kartik liked her gift and thinks now also she understanding him correctly. She reminsces their past moments. Naira questions chachi what’s she going in the outside. But chachi tries manages saying she don’t went to outside. Naira gets doubtful.

Kartik calls Naira for cake cutting. Manish asks them to cut the cake. Kids surrounds Kartik shouting cake cutting. Vansh thinks how can anyone get cake if Kairav is not ready to cut the cake. Kartik takes selfie with Kairav. Kartik notices Kairav sad face. And discusses with his family to know the reason behind his sad mood. Family asks him to don’t worry and says he is dull because of his health. Kartik denies them and says Kairav is hiding something. Manish says they will get to know and asks him to cut the cake.

Naira brings cake for Kartik and Kairav. Kartik teases Naira but Kairav misunderstands Kartik and thinks he won’t cut cake. Vansh suggests Kairav to cut cake but he says no to him.

Everyone enjoys seeing the cake with Kartik and Kairav pic indicating their meeting location. Kartik anounces this birthday will be special for him forever and asks Kairav to share about this picture moment but Kairav is silent. Kartik says that pic is so special because that’s is moment they met eachother for the first time and explains everyone how they met. He recreates their past moment again with artificially objects. Everyone gets emotional and Manish says Kartik is not only best son he proved as best father.

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ये रिश्ता क्या कहलाता है 1 नवंबर 2019 रिटेन अपडेट :- कार्तिक और नायरा पर बरसा कैरव!

Naira asks Kairav to say thanks to his father but Kairav reminsces Naira teary moments and thinks Kartik is reason behind her tears.
When they are about cut the cake. Kairav shouts saying he don’t want to cut the cake which shocks everyone. Kairav spoils cake with his hands. Kartik asks him if someone said anything to him but Kairav throws Kartik saying he don’t want to talk to him and shouts I hate you papa because you’re bad. Naira consoles Kairav and explains him Kartik is good.

Kartik assures himself it’s prank and tries to take Kairav from Naira but he throws his hand saying he don’t want to talk anything. Kairav says he don’t like him because he makes Naira sad. Naira denies him. Kairav explains what he saw in past days. Naira tries to explain he is misunderstanding the scenario but Kairav won’t believe her. Naira gets angry and Kairav runs from venue. Everyone runs behind him and Kairav shocked seeing truck Infront of him.

Precap – Kartik and Naira brings unconscious Kairav, everyone panicks. Kartik blames himself for Kairav condition. Naira consoles him.