Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 1st October 2019 written update:-Kartik gives Naira a legal notice for Kairav’s custody

Episode starts with Naira is trying to contact Kartik when the Goenka family arrives at Singhania house and Suhashini asks Naira why she is doing this? Can’t she consider her age and handle the problem by staying here? Naira says I have no other choices left, the more we will stay here and Kartik will come to meet Kairav then Vedika and Kartik marriage won’t be able to validate. She says it was very important for me and Kartik to be separated from each other legally only then Vedika and Kartik marriage can go ahead smoothly.

Manish slams Naira for again thinking about each and every person possible on earth except the them and Kartik. He says are you appointed by god to take care of each and everyone? why do you want to go away from here when we all are okay with everything, I can guess it really well. You just wanted to take away our kid from us.

Naira tries to explain that she will not take Kairav away from them like that without informing prior? Manish asks did you talk to us before taking the call or did you inform Kartik before taking the decision? however, even if you inform what difference it will make to your wrong decision? Naksh tries to take a stand for Naira and says my sister is not snatching any happiness in fact she is sacrificing her happiness whole heartedly.

Manish says what suffering? she always does this whenever any problem arises she just wants to escape from it. Suhashini says not only us but you are taking away the biggest happiness of Kartik life too. Devyani says society will taunt my Naira that due to her Vedika can not have a happy married life. Naira is crying to see both the families are arguing with each other when Gayu comes and asks her to leave and she will take care of Kairav meanwhile. She asks Naira to go and look for Kartik before he took any drastic step in anger and disappointments.

Naira agrees and goes away from there to look for Kartik. She looks for him the whole day in the streets of Udaipur and continuously keep on calling each and every family member to know whether Kartik has contacted any of them in the entire day.

Naksh calls her and asks her to come back as Kartik is not a kid and it is not her responsibility at all to look for Kartik neither morally or legally. Naira says I promised Vedika that I will handover her husband to her before going and now it is more important to look for him , so I will search for him.

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ये रिश्ता क्या कहलाता है 1 अक्टूबर 2019 रिटेन अपडेट: -कार्तिक ने नायरा को कैरव की कस्टडी के लिए कानूनी नोटिस दिया

At night, Naira comes home and gets shocked to see the family members are standing there and looks worried. She entered the house all tired and devastated and then she asks about Kairav whereabouts. Naksh says Kaira is perfectly fine and just now he fell asleep. She enquires about Kartik when she noticed Kartik is coming down from the stairs and says its good that my son has slept or else he has to bear this drama that is going to happen. He handovers some papers to Naira and says the divorce papers you sent to me made my job a bit easier as the issue of my child’s custody is also included in that.

Naira studies the paper and it is a stay order from court that she can not take away Kairav anywhere without permission of Kartik. He says you sent me divorce papers right? So in return I give you stay orders simple. I won’t let you take away my kid like last time. Naira says I am his mother and I have the right to decide what is good and bad for my baby. Naira shouts at Kartik and says I will not let you snatch my kid away from me and asks Naksh to put some sense in Kartik when Manish asks Naksh to stay out of it as their involvement is not required in the matter of parents.

Precap : Kartik asks Manish and Naira asks Naksh to hire the best lawyer possible for the case so that the respective verdict comes in their favour.