Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th August 2019 Written Update: Kairav is still critical!

Today’s episode starts with Naira looking for a way to reach Kairav. She climbs on the pipe and falls down. Kartik catches her. Kartik helps Naira to climb the pipe. Naira runs with the medicine.

Goenka’s waits for Kaira. Doctor says the injection is here. Naira and Kartik waits outside the OT. Doctor operates Kairav.

Doctor comes out from the OT and informs that they can’t assure that Kairav will survive or not. Naira faints hearing Doctor Word. Kartik too sits down broken.

Kartik’s dadi prays to God for Kairav. Bhabhi Maa comes and she too prays to God to save Kairav. The duo gets emotional.

Goenka’s and Maheswari come back to the house. Kartik’s mother informs everyone that none is allowed to stay at the hospital apart from Kairav’s parent. Vedika hears their talk, steps back and cries. She sees Naira’s photo and takes out garland from it.

Naira wakes up taking Kairav’s name. She sees Kartik and tries to get out from the room. Kartik tells to Naira that he tries each possible way to meet Kairav but they didn’t allowed him to meet. He tells to Naira that they can’t see Kairav till he gain consciousness.

Naira and Kartik waits in the same room. Vedika comes to the room and sees the decorations. She steps back and closes the room.

Vedika comes back to her room and sees her Mehendi. She self-talks with herself. She further prays to the God and asks to cure Kairav. She prays for Kartik and Naira too.

Doctor checks Kairav. Naira receives a message from Liza. She gets emotional. Kartik shares his moments with Kairav with Naira. He says to Naira that he is feeling so helpless. Naira too shares her feelings with Kartik.

Naira says to Kartik that if anything will happen to Kairav than she won’t survive too. The duo talks with each other. Kaira cries thinking about Kairav.

Naira imagines Kairav playing in the room. Kartik too imagines Kairav playing in the garden.

At Goenka house everyone cries and worries for Kairav. Kartik gives water to Naira. Kartik sleeps and Naira to feels sleepy. She is about to fall Kartik catches Naira. Naira recalls her moments with Kartik and Kairav. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Kairav gets well. Naira and Kartik meets Kairav. Kairav tells that he wants his mother and father both. Naira sees Vedika standing at the door and takes away her hand from Kairav.

Naira asks Kartik to inform at home, as they might be worrying. Kartik ask naira from when she started bothering about his family and goes away. Naira stands shocked.