Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 20th September 2019 written update: Vedika and Naira gets into a verbal argument with each other

The episode starts with Vedika spots Karthik and Naira are sleeping together on the bed and she is shaken with the fact. She immediately runs out of the room and tries thinking the sight of them sleeping together. On the other hand, Naira gets up from sleep and Kartik as well and they are so awkward to find each other sleeping together and tries to wake up soon but somehow the blanket got trapped in their legs and they again fall on the bed together. Here in the house, Ganapati festival is being celebrated and all the family members are there when Swarna comes down with Vansh and kind of dressed in traditional attire.

Gayu asks Vansh that isn’t you the one who is planning to become Ganapati? He says yes but that dress doesn’t fit me so I thought to make Kairav Ganapati instead. Kairav says that Vansh has made him wear this dress and he also wrote something for him to perform. Suhasini gets over overwhelmed to see them in such attire and adores them. Kartik says then let’s start the celebrations and Kairav says we will start once my mother comes. Kartik asks where is your mother by the way? Suhasini says where will she go? she must be at home and she will come down once she gets the sound of the celebration. Kartik gets busy in celebrating with Vansh and Kairav together.

Naira is in her room, lost in her thoughts when Vedika comes to her room and stands behind her. Naira failed to notice her and is still lose when Vedika asks can’t you really see me or you are just pretending to overlook me? Naira comes back in her sense and says sorry as her mind is somewhere else. Vedika says this is your problem that you can’t even see my issues or else you just don’t want to see them at all. Naira says why are you saying like this Vedika?

Vedika lashes out at her and says I am fed up of listening to your and your son talks. Whatever your son used to say all this while I agree for all of that without uttering a single word. All these years Karthik yearned for you, missed you and when he is finally decided to move on you came back and that too with his son on my wedding day. Kartik promised me that he will keep me happy and no one pressures him for this marriage. He will fulfill his promise as well if not you came in the picture.

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Kartik doesn’t care about me being around him but if he doesn’t see you around him then his eyes are only searching for you. What about me? Everyone is supporting you and siding by you even my mother in law is also supporting you. Now when Kairav is fine and all his reports are normal why don’t you go from our lives?

Naira says it is not that easy to do what seems easy to say. Everyone is attached to the kind of so emotionally and dearly that I am not able to gain strength to take away Kairav from them. Naira says destiny has played its game not only with you but with me as well but my situation is a bit worse than you because I have a son with me.

Vedika says to stop using your son as an excuse, Naira also asks her to stop assuming Kairav in such away. Vedika says truth is you don’t want to go away leaving the house. Naira says are you listening to what you are saying? Vedika says I am speaking the facts. Thing is you don’t want to go away from this house and Kartik.

Naira says currently Kairav is fine but who knows because of your wicked intentions he may get and Naira shouts at her before she can complete her sentence. Naira cries and goes out of the room immediately. Vansh and Kairav perform a play on Ganesha and Karthikeya. He made Naira stands with Kartik and Vedika gets pissed off. Later Naira announces that she and Kairav have to leave now as his reports are all normal. Kartik protests and says no one can separate me from my childhood and I won’t let you go.

Precap – Naira and Kartik come home together with Kairav while Vedika creates a scene.