Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 21st August 2019 written update:- Kairav declared fit and fine

The episode starts with Naira is asking the doctor to-let Harmeet kind of as it was long since she meets Kairav. Dr.Mehra is not ready to let them go and share skills that kind of games consciousness only then you will be allowed to meet him. Karthik also with Naira and says that it has been long since we see our son Kairav. Dr. Pallavi arrives there and says they are the parents of Kairav and they should go inside. She says medicines will do their work but sometimes the love and care of the parents do the magic.

On the other side, Vansh in the house asks his mother why all are sad? Did I do anything? Gayu says no when Vedika tells Vansh that Kartik is busy in work somewhere and he will be late, she asks Vansh to pray for his big brother Kartik. Naira and Kartik get happy and go inside the ward to meet Kairav. Naira and Kartik cry to see their kid in such a state.

Naira cries her heart out to see her son in such a state. Kartik says see today both of your mom and dad arrives here to see you, please open your eyes. They cry holding his hand when slowly Kairav opened his eyes and looks at his mom and dad and gets happy. Kartik and Naira get relieved to see their son is recovering and they both cry their heart out in happiness and hugs each other. Kairav tells Kartik he is happy to see them together and says he has a list to complete by his father and Kartik says give it to me and we will fulfill it one by one.

Kairav asks Naira not to let Kartik go anywhere. Meanwhile, Vedika is watching and listening to all these from outside the ward. Naira says Kairav is looking like a frog, Kartik says no he is tadpole whereas Naira gets angry that why no name for me? They are rejoicing the moment when Naira notices Vedika there and slowly takes out her hand from Kartik’s clutches.

Vedika comes in a dilemma that did she come in between Kartik and Naira. Here Kartik informs in the house about Kairav improved health. All get relieved and happy when Manish asks Kartik about Vedika but the call gets disconnected.

Gayu says what is so shocking in this? Naira is back with her kid so now Vedika doesn’t matter to him. Samarth agrees and says it can look odd to hear but this is the reality. Suhasini says Naira is not back in Kartik’s life, only Vedika is the daughter-in-law of the house and Kairav is the heir of the family so he will stay with us. Vansh sees so many things in house and Suhasini asks him not to touch it with his dirty hands, he says his hands are not dirty. Suhasini tells Vansh, Kairav is Kartik’s biological son. Vansh gets confused with Suhashini’s words.

Naira comes in Kairav ward and sits beside him when she sees that Goenka family is there to meet Kairav, she goes behind the partition and waits. While Manish meets Kartik and asks him to go home for completing the post-marriage rituals. Kartik says no ritual matters to him than Kairav and asks them to go back home.

Precap – Hospital staff refuse to give Vedika Kartik’s card and gives it to Naira as his wife. Vedika blames Naira for coming in between them.