Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 21st October 2019 Written update: Kartik feels guilty about his actions knowing the truth

Naira says to Kartik how she ran from hospital like she always ran from her problems. because of Ganga maa blessings their Kairav is good. Kartik says you did right thing that time and asks her where she went from hospital. Naira says she went to Church from hospital. she questions god how can he do this her. Already she left every relation and living for her child and prays to protect her child. Naira explains it’s true if we prays with pure heart, god will definitely listen to our prayers that’s what happened in Kairav case. After that incident baby started growing normally and everything was good. She says she don’t have money or family that time still she always take care of her baby in good way and tries to provide best things to him. She explains how she always wants to make their son happy giving the best things he needed in his life. Kartik and family members gets emotional hearing Naira. Kartik asks her to stop and apologies to Naira again for his behaviour.

Kartik apologies to judge and everyone for wasting their time and request court to end their case and handover sole custody to Naira than Naira express her happiness through her actions. Damini is shocked listening Kartik words and Mr Kumar feels happy for Naira. Judge dismisses case.

Outside court Naksh says to Goenka family his words are true about his sister. She hide these things because it may give more pain to family that’s why she don’t want to reveal these things in court that day. I hope now you got it Naira can’t be wrong in every situation. Naksh and dadi went to meet Naira. Suwarna explains to her family Kartik and Naira loves Kairav so they can never think to do anything wrong to Kairav that’s why they killed their ego for his betterment.

Otherside at park Kartik blames himself for everything and thinks he is the one reason who causes pain in Naira life without understanding her. Kartik breakdowns thinking he is not good father and person.
Naira family praises her for her strength and patience. Dadi says Naira is reminding her akshara. Naksh says god provided every good strength to ladies. Dadi blesses Naira to stay happy.

Naira gets message from Kartik to meet him outside of her house. Naira went to meet Kartik. Both says same words to each other at the same time. Kartik apologies to Naira for every mishap pending in their life and explains her it’s her right to decide about Kairav life because none can love and take care of Kairav like her. Kartik says Kairav will become good human being if he stays with her. Naira says thank you for Kartik to support her in the court and says he is best father for Kairav.

Kartik asks Naira to punish him for his mistakes. Naira asks him to go to his family. He says he don’t deserve family or anyones love. Kairav sees Kartik , Naira and thinks they are arguing. He cries and runs from that place. Naira says she never separate Kartik from Kairav life and explains he is important in Kairav life like her. Naira says she needs to say something and than explains Kairav sharing same birthday date like Kartik. Kartik is happy and surprised after knowing this news and he hugs Naira.

Precap: Kairav left the house packing his things and Naksh blames Karthik for Kairav disappearance and problems in Naira life.