Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 22nd August 2019 written update:- Kartik and Naira confronts each other

The episode begins with Vedika is sitting at the hospital corridor when she thinks about what to do further? Should she go back home alone or take along Kartik with her? Suddenly she listens a doctor tells the staff that this card belongs to Kartik Goenka. He must forget this at the chemist shop so we have to handover it to him or his wife.

Vedika goes to them and asks them to give her the card. They refused and say we will give it to him or his wife only. The doctor straightway goes to Naira and gives her the card. She notices Vedika and comes to her and hand over the card. She says she has no intention to come in between them while Vedika says yet you have. She wishes Naira good luck and leaves the place. Naira spots Kartik and asks him for a talk.

Here in the house, Suhashini is lost in her own world and doing stuff when Chachi comes to her to talk about Naira Kartik and Vedika thing. Suhasini says Naira was wrong and I never sided by a wrong thing, once Kairav recovers I will handle the matter in my way.

In the hospital, Kartik asks Naira what she wants to talk to him? Naira tells him that you can go home as all are waiting for you even Vedika is also waiting for you to perform the rituals. Meanwhile, I am herewith kind of you don’t need to worry about him you should go. Karthik asking who are you to tell me what I should do and what I shouldn’t? They both get in a heated argument.

Finally, after a long time, they bring out their frustration against each other and had a talk. Karthik blames Naira that she kept herself and dishonor away from him for 5 years just for asking one wrong question to her. Naira says this is not my fault, you yourself gave this punishment to you by doubting me and my character. Kartik says so for that you will leave me, you didn’t even tell me that you are pregnant. Naira says why should I tell you so that you can doubt on my kid as well after doubting me? Kartik says I am not that kind of a vile person.

Naira replied you become vile while me being in your life. You always talk about yourself and everything but never thought how I have spent my 5 years away from my own family and faking my own death? Kartik calls are covered that she always runs from the situation. Naira says the first time I escaped on my own, but this time Kartik Goenka made me run away. Kartik says whatever you did not qualify for forgiveness. Naira says even though I won’t forgive you for whatever you said to me. Kartik says I don’t need your forgiveness because you are wrong.

Naira says who himself is wrong always think that the other person is at fault. She runs away from their crying while Karthik stood still. Manish, Samarth, and Akhilesh came back home, Suhasini asks them about Karthik when they say that he denied coming with us. Suhasini calls Vedika and asks her to show her right on Karthik as a wife and bring him home. Swarna ask Suhasini what if Karthik still denies to come for ritual?

Naira and Kartik are crying in two different corners of the hospital while remembering there moments and the recent argument. Naira remembers the moment Karthik introduces Vedika as his wife to her. Vedika, on the other hand, gets in a dilemma about what to do as Suhasini gives her an order but she is not aware of where Karthik can be. she sent him a voice message asking him to come home if you can for the rituals as the grandmother is calling them again and again.

Naira meets Vedika and says that she will leave and she will definitely leave and go far away from their lives. She says currently my child is not in a state that I can give him such shocking news, he will not be able to tolerate it.

Currently, the situation is not in my hands but when it will get under my control you didn’t have to ask me for it. I myself will leave this place and go far away from your life so that our presence can never annoy you. Vedika remains silent and looks at Naira surprisingly.

Vedika comes back home and asks Gayu to pack some food for Kartik and Naira while she is sending some clothes for Kartik to hospital. Suhasini calls Karthik with so much attitude to call him back home. Karthik receives the call and slams her for calling him again and again. He says no matter whoever comes even if God comes and asks him to go back home he will not. Right now nothing is more important to me rather than Kairav. Naira, on the other hand, decides to go away from Kartik life as it is too late now.

Precap – Naira comes Singhania house to tie rakhi at Naksh’s hand.