Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd April 2021 Written Update: Ranveer to see Sirat?


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Maudi explaining Naira how it is not a matter of few days that you will be here you will be with this new family for lifetime. Kartik says okay we will buy it now let me go and work. Sirat says okay Kartik you are right. They leave. Suvarana tells Dadi how Sirat called Kartik just Kartik and that means their formality is going which is good. Rhea and Surekha leave from there disappointed. Maudi and Dadi talk how their thought process is matching now they have to do more so that they come closer. They laugh. Suvarana asks Dadi to come for Sagai on time. Dadi says I am trying that but whether I am there or not do everything on time as per mahurat. Suvarna agrees.

Here, Kartik and Sirat come to to the designer boutique. The lady there says welcome and you must be Mr and Mrs. Goenka. The lady adds that Suhasini sent their pics so she recognised. The lady goes to bring some garments. Seeing Sirat nervous, Kartik says I am so nervous as I am a business man and not an actor so it’s my first time with designer dress too. Sirat says thank god he is of my category. Kartik smiles. The lady brings a dress and Sirat likes it but seeing the price of 1 lakh she gets hyper and says this dress is of so much price, it’s like we are buying some flat. Sirat takes out fault in the garment and says this can be made in my village so easily.

Kartik signals the lady to be calm. Sirat says they are trying to con us. The lady says I will show you another one. Sirat asks Kartik if she said too much. Kartik says no you have not, you value money and I appreciate that. Kartik asks her to bargain then Sirat gets the confidence to do that. The lady brings another dress and shows handmade dupatta with it. She makes Sirat sit on the chair and wear it.

Sirat remembers her past. Flashback starts with Maudi making Sirat ready for her marriage with Ranveer in mandir. Sirat is too happy and dances. Maudi says Ranveer’s parents are very powerful and they have not agreed for the marriage. Sirat says Ranveer said love is more powerful and as he is the one and only son his parents will agree soon. Flashback ends. Sirat is crying. The lady says you are so overwhelmed that you imagined your bidai. Kartik asks the lady for sometime alone. The lady goes. Kartik asks Sirat what did this reminded her of?

Sirat says you scan my mind so well, it was something of past so as we decided not to bring up the past so let’s not talk. Kartik says but if it came in mind then share it. Sirat says okay. Sirat says how she was left aline waiting on the mandap and no one came. Sirat says till date I don’t know the reason as the guy arranged everything and loved me. Kartik says sometimes it’s better not to know the reason. Sirat hugs Kartik and says it was very scary, I was broken.

Here, Vansh and Kairav go to prepare thier dance for sagai. Everyone else is doing the preparation. Kirti comes running and saying you guys have already started with preparation what is the hurry, I asked you for sometime to tell Naksh but you guys are in hurry.

Suvarana says Dadi wanted everything according to mauhrat. Kirti says Naksh cane back from retreat yesterday and he doesn’t even talk to anyone and cries, I don’t want him to get fits again, that’s why I needed some time to inform him about this as you know how sensitive is the Naira topic to him. Manish said I told you all still. Akhilesh says maybe we can talk to Naksh. Manish says I am not part of any of it.

Rhea thinks now Naksh is a family member and he will create the mess in the wedding and as they have double relation with Naksh they can’t deny him. Surekha asks Suvarana to delay it all by few days but Suvarna disagrees. Here, Naksh sees the wedding card near god idol and gets furious reading Kartik weds Sirat.

Here, Ranveer’s car is stopped by police and there is traffic. He asks the police the reason they say political people are going to go so they have stopped the traffic. Ranveer says so it will take about an hour then. He goes and sits in his car.

Kartik cheers up Sirat and they practice how will they laugh on stage during Sagai and have some light moment. Here, Naksh starts throwing things here and there and shouts at everyone saying what is the hurry and Kartik loved my sister then how can he marry someone else so soon. Naksh says where is Kartik? What is this drama? Was his love for Naira all a drama? No one is able to calm Naksh.

Here, Kartik and Sirat come out of the store. Sirat thinks she bargained well but Kartik thinks he only knows that he paid the full amount. Sirat then tells Kartik that we need to buy things for kids. Kartik says I have opened the car you go and sit, I will bring the other things. Sirat keeps the bags in the car and puts on earphone. Here, Ranveer i shown on the other side of road and nearby. He is playing guitar and singing but Sirat is listening to her own music. Kartik comes and they are about to go when a girl is cycling in the wrong way. Sirat comes out from the car’s window and says Bawli girl what are you doing on the wrong side? Listening to the language, Ranveer stops playing and sees Sirat. He gets shocked to see Sirat.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ranveer runs after Sirat and Kartik’s car but Sirat doesn’t see him.

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