Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 23rd August 2019 written update:- Naira comes to Singhania house after 5 years

The episode begins with Naira and Kartik are sitting beside kind off when he slowly regains consciousness. He opens his eyes and sees his parents are sitting beside him, Kairav gets happy when Naira asks him if he is feeling fine? Karthik also ask that if he is feeling any pain in his body? Kairav says there is no pain in my body but why are you people looking sad? Naira says why we will be sad we are happy as our kid is fit and fine. Kairav asks then did you people fight with each other?

Naira says why we will fight baby, we are fine. The nurse comes with an injection and Kartik gets alert. Nurse say we have to give him injection while Kartik asks what is the need of injecting my son? You people can give some other medicines instead.

The nurse smiles and says the injection is for your son not for you and he is not looking terrified but you are definitely scared. Let me do my job and she proceeds with the injection. Naira smiles seeing the state of Kartik and she signs Kairav as well and both starts to giggle.

Kartik closes his eyes in terror and the nurse injected it in the drip bottle and mocks Kartik saying the bottle must be in pain. Kartik tries to behave normally but Kairav says mom is right you scared of injections. He says the mom told me your story too. Kartik says wow good you mom-son teamed up against me good.

Naira starts to speak about the old stories of Kartik to Kairav and Kartik feels embarrassed. Naira pulls Kartik legs and says he is a coward like a frog and Kairav says I am his tadpole. Naira says I am not a coward but brave lady, I am a tigress. They are arguing like children and Kairav laughs to see them. Pallavi enters and checks the stats of Kairav and leaves.

Naira comes back to reality and realizes things are not the same like before anymore. Naira sees a person with rakhi in hand and gets emotional for Naksh. Kartik notices it, he comes and says to Naira to go and celebrate Rakhi with Naksh while he is with Kairav and he starts to play with him. Naira made a rakhi with flowers and left for Singhania house.

In Goenka Villa, Vedika gives clothes to the servant and says these are Kartik dresses so please send these to hospital and Gayu must have packed lunch too. Please send that as well, she remembers Naira words and closes her eyes.

All the family members are discussing Rakhi festival when Swarna says I need to visit my brother for Rakhi. When Suhasini says she will celebrate only when Kairav will be back at home. Vedika says Naira told me once Kairav recovers she will go far away from here with him and will not interfere in our lives. Suhasini says she can do whatever she wants but Kairav will stay with us.

Gayu comes to Singhania house to tie rakhi to Naksh, she ties him rakhi and he gives her a token of money. Gayu says she packed a favorite dish of him to eat but Naksh says he is not hungry and says I hate Naira but in mind, he is waiting for her arrival. Naira comes home and enters when the gatekeeper stops her and says who are you and why are you entering the house?

Naira says this house, I mean I belong to this house and I have full right to come here. Gatekeeper mocks her when she gets angry and says I have to tie rakhi to my brother. Naksh says after so long, Naira comes to him but slips due to slippery tiles. Naksh starts to laugh seeing her and then he himself falls too and both started to laugh seeing each other. Naksh says I hate you while Naira says sorry to him and hugs him and says please forgive me and says sorry again and again.

Naksh also hugs her and says I love you a lot, why did you go? Don’t you trust your brother and cups her face? She gives him the rakhi when Vansh sees her and starts to yell ghosts. She is going to leave when Naskh stops her and Gayu and all the people come out and sees Naira is there.

Precap – Naksh asks Naira to move in his house with Kairav while Suhashini decides to bring Kairav back in her house with Kartik.