Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd January 2020 Written Update: KAIRAV LIES TO SAVE LUV KUSH

The episode starts with Karthik and Naira leaving for Kairav’s school for parent teacher meeting. Kairav prays that the teacher doesn’t complaint about him.

Karthik feels sleepy and Naira mocks him. Everyone in the family are discussing about plans to celebrate when Karthik and Naira comes there with a sad face. The family worries seeing their face but Kairav breaks the bubble smiling. They both scold Kairav for spoiling their plan. They say that Kairav is announced to get award for best student of his class. Everyone gets extremely happy.

Daadi says that it runs in their family blood and everyone gets best award. She says even Vansh won it. They both gets happy while Karthik and Naira leaves to kitchen to prepare food. They both couldn’t control their excitement and starts dancing. They are so happy at the fact that Kairav going to get award. Daadi and Papa sees it and calls them as grown uo children.

Vansh and Kairav are playing when Kairav sees smoke coming from somewhere. He goes there to find Luv Kush smoking and asks what are they doing. Luv Kush gets shocked seeing Kairav and worries for him saying everyone about their mistake. They coaxes him to lie for them in order to be in their gang and Kairav agrees. Karthik and Naira are cooking while romancing.

Kairav comes there and Naira smells cigarette on his shirt. She informs Karthik of the same. The servant maid comes there and shows them the cigarette packet which they got Luv’s clothes. They both gets shocked and immediately goes to the family.

Naira questions Luv Kush that if they smoke but they denies any such thing. She says about finding Cigarette packets in their clothes but Chachi rubbishes it. She says that they can’t blame them with just this thing but Naira says about sensing Cigarette smoke in Kairav’s clothes. When enquired about it to Kairav he lies that he was near garbage.

Chachi gets angry while Naira feels guilty. She apologizes Chachi and Daadi asks them to forget it and let it go. She advises Naira to be careful next time.

Luv Kush fumes about getting caught while Luv blames Trisha for exposing them. Naira is guilty but Karthik convinces her.

Luv decides to take revenge on her during her competition on 26 January. Karthik and Naira plays basketball to lift the mood up and Luv Kush joins them followed by Trisha. Luv mocks that it’s boys game and Naira and Trisha gets offended hearing it. They challenge boys and the game starts.

While playing Trisha accidentally makes Luv fall and he fumes. Naira and Karthik romance in the meanwhile while Karthik makes Naira win. Luv Kush fumes at it and leaves.

Soon Gayu brings a good news that she’s pregnant and whole family gets happy. They all sing and dance to celebrate their happiness.

Precap : Kairav says that he needs a sister. Karthik and Naira recalls their baby and breaks down.