Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 23rd July 2019 Written Update- Naira comes to Udaipur

The episode begins with wanj brings Karthik in the hall for choosing an engagement ring. Vedhika feels shy and smiles seeing Kartik there. All get settled for choosing ring when the vendor brings out a ring similar to the one which Naira gives Kartik on their engagement. Everyone recognizes the dean and Vansh chooses that one for Karthik. He says that this is so pretty but you already have one as Naira maasi gifted you. Kartik feels awkward and leaves from there. Akhilesh asked him to stop as he will come with him but he says that he is just going to room and nothing else.

Karthik says these all don’t matter to me anymore and what about engagement I am ready to get married tomorrow itself, so whatever is happening will sum up in one day and I don’t have to bear all these things every day. Gayu tells Swarna not to expect much more than this from Karthik as come what may he will never forget Naira and will never let anyone else take her place in his heart, dadi listens to it.

Here in Goa, Naira asks the doctors to test her as much as they want. From CT Scan to MRI, blood test whatever they need, she is ready for everything. Doctors ask her to come down and says sorry and asks for her medical history to study the case well. As of now, the treatment is initiated already, soon he will get consciousness and she can take him home. Meanwhile, bring us those reports for further treatment and do not delay it.

Here in Udaipur, Dadi indirectly tells Swarna that she is not liking the fact of protestors of Kartik and Vedika marriage is residing in their own house. She says I will not let anyone come in between Kartik and Vedika’s happiness. Be it his own mother or Naira sister. Swarna tries to reasoning with Suhashini regarding Kartik not being happy but Dadi shuts her up. Here in hospital Naira decides to visit Udaipur for her son.

In the morning, Kairav, Naira, and Liza come to Udaipur and Kairav gets happy to think he will meet his father soon now. He asks Naira why she put up the scarf, Naira makes a lame excuse but Kairav interrogates her. Later on, he asks for water when Naira gets down from the car to buy a bottle, she hallucinates Kartik in front of her. Here in Goenka house, Kartik and Vedika perform puja with family members and the priest. The priest asks them to go ahead with marriage rituals and preparation. Kartik left after the puja when Suhashini taunts Gayu and also asks Swarna to vacant Kartik room if she is free for today. She says Vedika will need space and for that stuff of Naira need to come out from the room. Swarna argues in favor of Kartik but dadi doesn’t listen.

Here Kairav asks Liza in a hotel why he is here and not in his father’s home? Liza makes a suitable defense and prays Naira to be reported so that they can leave as soon as possible. Naira is in hospital and asks for reports when the receptionist informed without hospital card or assigned doctor signature they can’t handover her the reports. She feels dejected and while. coming back she relieved her memories in the hospital.

Precap: Kartik gets a log in the notification of the same mail id where all the credentials and reports are kept of Naira, he wonders how is it possible? He goes to search the place from where it is logged in.