Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 24 July 2019 Written Update-Kartik gets a clue about Naira being in Udaipur

The episode begins with Naira is in hospital and thinking what to do now to get the reports. Kartik is sitting in the empty room where he stored all the memories of Naira and is feeling lost. Here the entire family is vacating his room and packing the stuff of Naira in a bag when Swarna comes there with trophies of Naira and thinks what will Kartik prefers to keep while Gayu gets teary-eyed seeing the marriage album of Kartik and Naira. Badi Dadi points at one trophy and says this one Kartik will prefer to have with him as this one she won from Jaipur among a lot of contestants. She says sometimes I feel that Naira will come from behind and will tell see what I have won.

Here, Kartik remembers their moments and smiles happily. On the other hand, Vedika comes in Kartik room to give Swarna her phone when she saves a trophy from falling. She asks the family members not to displace Naira’s stuff as she is an integral part of the family and she has no issue with it. Here Kartik feels he can never forget Naira, he doesn’t know why his family expects him to forget it anyway.

Naira here puts Kairav into sleep and thinks about how to get the reports when she suddenly remembered Kartik made an email account exclusively for her medical reports. She tries to check it from her phone but couldn’t and contacted the hotel reception. They ask her to use their cafe if it is really urgent as that is connected to Landline modem. She went in the cafe and settle for reports and prays to god for that email account to be active after these long years. She logged into the account and a notification is sent to Kartik’s mobile. Vansh takes his phone and reads the notification loud.

Kartik gets shocked and checked the phone. He doesn’t understand how someone can log in this account which is only known to him and Naira. He called his friend to track the location from where the mail is being activated.

Here Naira gets the reports and prints it out and also forwards the same to the Mary hospital doctors in Goa. She thanked Kartik for indirectly helping their son in this time of crisis and reads a mail of Kartik he sent in the account. She gets emotional but then manages herself and decided to get the reports and leave this city as soon as possible. Kartik gets the location of Hotel Palash and drives towards it at a high speed. He reached the hotel and inquiries at the reception, they showed him the cyber cafe where he meets another guy as by that time Naira left the cafe. He goes back to the reception and asked for CCTV footage.

Here Naira is getting restless for the report from the doctor. She says only if the doctor called me and assured me then I can book the return tickets as well. The doctor called Naira and refer her to a doctor in Udaipur for treatment. Naira tells Liza for her son’s sake she has to be strong and thinks, Kartik shouldn’t appear in front of me that’s it.

Precap: Naira took an appointment from the referred doc in Udaipur. The same doctor turned out to be a friend of Vedika who asks her to come with Kartik for a meet. Kairav sees Kartik at the hospital and calls him ‘papa’ and run towards him.