Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th January 2020 Written Update: Kairav’s shocking demand from Kartik and Naira


Today’s episode starts with Suwarna distribute the sweets on the occasion of celebrating Gayu’s preganancy. Sushasini talks with Surekha and says it is good Samarth will have his own blood now. Gayu gets upset and Naira consoles her. She says to Naira that family never acceoted her and Vansh because Vansh don’t belong to this family. Luv over hears Naira and Gayu;s talk and tells to Kush that  Vansh is not Goenka. Vansh and Kairav come to meet Luv and Kush. Luv gets irked and says to the duo that whenever small baby comes all showers love to them. Vansh gets tensed. Kush asks Vansh not to take Luv’s words seriously. Kairav says to Vansh that he was just joking.

Kiarav asks Vansh if he will not love once small baby will come. Vansh says to Kairav that he is his best brother. There, Kartik and Naira spends quality time with each other. There, Trisha sees the basket ball. Luv asks Trisha why she is laughing as if she won the match for the first time. Trisha ignores and Kush asks Luv to ignore as well. Trisha than gives a befitting reply to Luv and Luv decides to avenge her. He calls Kairav and Vansh to play ping pong.

Kairav throws a water balloon on Trisha instructed by Trisha but Naira gets in between. Luv, Kush and Vansh hides. Kairav gets scared but Naira don’t scold him. Meanwhile, Trisha learns that water balloon game was planned Luv. Here, Naira makes a birthday plan for Luv and Kush.

Later, Kairav decides to demand from Kartik and Naira to bring small baby for him too. Kaira spends time together Kairav interrupts and asks Kaira to bring small baby for him too. Kartik and Naira recalls a past and cries. Kartk consoles Naira.

In the morning Luv and Kush takes the blessing from Goenka. Goenka’s gets busy in their wor and Luv and Kush thinks none remember their birthday. Later, Goenak’s wishes the duos. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Kartik and Niara gets shocked seeing Luv and Kush

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