Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 24th October 2019 Written update: Kairav puts himself in danger

Episode starts with Kartik and Naira Explaining kids they have to perform pooja quickly so they can start Ravan dhahan.Kartik asks Kairav and Vansh to go ho with him but Kairav denies Kartik and Kartik is shocked with Kairav behaviour and asks Naira why Kairav is avoiding him. Naira manages situation saying Kairav and Vansh may planning something that’s why they are in hurry asks Kartik to forget Naksh words. Naksh apologies to Kartik.

Vedika is tensed and packs her bag than she stops seeing some gift and remembers Kartik birthday is coming. She decides it may the best gift for him and leaves the house in hurry.

Dadi asks everyone where is Vedika. We can’t stop Ravan dahan so long for her. Swarna says Vedika is not answering calls and Manish says there is no need to wait for Vedika and asks everyone to start Ravan dhahan.

Vedika asks driver to stop the car in secluded area and asks him to go home.driver thinks why she is going in this way.

Everyone gathers nears Ravan effigy to perform dhahan. Kartik tries to take Kairav near him but Kairav runs from Kartik and discusses with Vansh how to stop their trip. Kartik says to Naira she is correct.

Manish asks who is going to perform dhahan. Kairav says Vansh their ram is going to perform. Dadi says they used to believe we have to burn bad things of previous years with ravan. Kartik and Naira thinks about their past bad moments.

Everyone’s prays and Kairav thinks he may get hurt in this way so he can stop their Goa trip. Kairav stands behind the Raavan effigy.  Vansh burns the Raavan. Kartik and Naira get shocked seeing Kairav. Kartik and Naira saves Kairav. Family members gets panicked. Kartik scolds Kairav for his behaviour and Naira says she will explain but Kairav left the place without listening to anyone. Naira follows Kairav.

Kartik cries and expresses how much he scared for Kairav safety to Manish and says he don’t want to lose Kairav. Family members consoles him.

Naira explains to Kairav he is wrong that’s why Kartik is angry.  Kairav won’t understand Naira and thinks Kartik is rude. Suwarna asks Naira to talk with Kairav later because first time he witnessed Kartik anger that’s why he looks baffled. Kartik enters Kairav room and he cries seeing Kartik. Naira signs him to go.

Samar scolds Vansh saying he is also part of Kairav accident. Katy saves him and Manish and dadi asks them to stop their fights outside the house.

Naira asks Kartik to relax and assures Kairav will forget everything the next day. Kartik and Naira share light moments while discussing Kairav. Naira suggests Kartik to concentrate on Birthday planning leaving these issues. Naira asks Kartik to Go home for Vedika.

Precap: Kairav tears his pictures with Kartik and thinks he hates Kartik and doesn’t want to celebrate his birthday with him. Kartik and Naira are shocked.