Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th February 2021 Written Update: Kairav gets excited to see Sirat

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th February 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Suhasini seeing Sirat’s stuff and thinkin who brings lots of stuffs for 2-4 days. Kartik goes to Sirat. Sirat apologize to Kartik for bringing Mauri too with her. Kartik says to Sirat she did good by bringing Mauri else she would have kept worrying about her health. Kairav runs and put garland on Sirat’s neck. He says he is happy to meet her. Kairav decides to call Sirat with her name. Kartik takes bag from Sirat. He make Goenka’s meet Mauri. Kartik tell Mauri is Sirat’s grandmother. Mauri apologize to Goenka’s for coming to their house without informing. She was about to tell the reason for suddenly coming with Sirat. But Sirat interrupts and says Mauri is not well thus she brought her home too. Suhasini asks about the stuffs. Sirat tell to Suhasini that wherever they go, they carry their stuffs. Kartik asks house helper to keep Sirat’s stuff. Vansh meet Sirat. He calls her aunty. Sirat looks at Vansh. Vansh says he too will call her Sirat.

Kairav asks Sirat to come inside the house. Sirat hesitates. Kairav holds Sirat’s hand and drag her inside. Sirat about to fall. Suwarna helps Sirat and asks her to take care of herself. Kairav asks Sirat to get ready to celebrate the Basant Panchami festival with them. He shows Kartik and Sirat’s room. Kairav asks Sirat to enter the room. Kartik recalls his moments with Naira. Sirat stops and says to Kairav that Mauri is not well thus she has to spend time with her. She refuses to enter the room. There, Luv says that Sirat looks like Naira. Manish and others look at Luv Kush. Luv Kush asks Vansh to come with him post he quote that Naksh would have been super happy seeing Sirat. Ahead, Manish and Suhasini wonder why Sirat brought lots of stuff for 4 days. Both decides to expose Sirat’s intention. Suwarna asks Suhasini and Manish not to assume anything without learning the actual reason. Rhea tries to instigate Suhasini against Sirat. Suhasini ask Suwarna not to become extra soft towards everyone.

Kairav show Mauri and Sirat’s their room. He asks Sirat what he should call Mauri. Mauri asks whatever he like he can call. Kairav decides to call Mauri pretty lady. Mauri blesses Kairav. Further, Kartik argue with Manish over shifting Mauri and Sirat staying at outhouse. Later, Mauri asks Sirat why she didn’t told Kartik truth about them shifting to Goenka house. Sirat says what she should tell the family. She recalls how Mukesh throw her and Mauri out from the house. Back to reality; Mauri asks Sirat not to hide from Kartik and tell him the truth soon. Sirat agree. Further, Karitk see Gayu giving Naira’s saree to Sirat. He asks Gayu to stop confusing Sirat with Naira. Gayu says to Kartik one day he himself will call Sirat his Naira. Karitk stands shocked. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Sirat calls frog. Kartik stands stunned.

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