Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 25th July 2019 Written Update Naira sees Kartik and Vedika together in hospital

The episode begins with Karthik is watching CCTV footage and locates a girl with her face covered with scarf enters the cafe and settled for the computer and the timing is same with him receiving the message of his email Id get logged in. He asks the hotel authorities to investigate further about that lady and also says he will take permission for the from the GM about this matter. Hotel staff asks him if his password is simple or strong because sometimes simple passwords get hacked easily. Karthik keeps quiet But it doesn’t get convinced yet about the mail login.

In the Goenka house, all are doing last-minute preparations when Vedika says she will have a guest from her side in the form of her best friend. She takes permission from Suhashini to go with Kartik and invite her for the marriage functions. Here, Naira tries to contact the doctor suggested by the hospital of Goa but fails to contact her. She then notices and Liza being quiet and to make him smile she plans to play a game in the hotel room. Naira plays with Kairav and Liza a treasure Hunt game and Kairav gets joyful. Naira again tries to call the doctor and this time the line gets connected. Coincidentally the doctor is the same one who is the best friend of Vedika. Vedika and Naira took an appointment of 4 pm from her. Later, Vedika enters the hospital with Kartik to invite her friends and at the same time Naira, Kairav and Liza also arrived there.

Vedika and Kartik enter Pallavi’s chamber to meet her while Naira, Kairav, and Liza settled outside her chamber. The nurse comes to take Kairav for weight and height check when Kartik comes out of the chamber and Kairav sees him. He shouts papa and runs behind him to catch him. Naira also runs behind Kairav to catch him. Kairav calls for Kartik but he doesn’t listen and walks away with Vedika. The hospital staff closes the door of reception and Kairav couldn’t go further. Vedika’s leg stumbles and Kartik holds her, Naira catches them at that position. She feels shattered and starts to cry while Kairav requests her to stop Kartik and he cries too to meet his father.

Naira later settles with Kairav and tells him some incidents about her and Kartik to cheer him up. Kairav smiles and says he will never call his dad to the injection room. He asks Naira did she inform Kartik that he is ill? Kairav says he will never feel good if his dad faints at the injection room and smiles. Naira asks him to get up and go for a check-up. Inside the chamber, the doctor is examining the reports while Kairav plays with the goody box of Vedika. Naira in the way to settle the things catch the wedding invitation card of Kartik and Vedika and get surprised.

Precap: Vansh and Kairav become friends when Kairav says to Vansh that his father is his bro in the keychain. Kairav enters the Goenka Villa while Naira cries to see the game of destiny.