Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th October 2021 Written Update: Goenkas receives a shocking news about Kartik!

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25thOctober 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Akshu asking Arohi if she meet Sheila or not. Arohi recall Sheila’s word. Akshu says to Arohi that Manish revealed everything about Sheila. Arohi says she know Manish would have told her that Sheila’s standard doesn’t match Naira and her family thus, none like her. Akshu tries to explain but Arohi shut the door on former’s face. Sirat asks Akshu if Arohi is upset yet again. Akshu asks Sirat to bring Sheila despite whatever she has done. Sirat ignore. She further reveal Kartik is coming back home. Akshu and Arohi gets excited to welcome Kartik. Arohi open the door. She makes a plan to surprise Kartik. Akshu and Arohi plan to make a gift for Kartik individually. Sirat gets excited to meet Kartik after a gap of one month.

Other side, Swarna discuss with Goenkas to prepare good food for Kartik. Goenkas gets excited to welcome Kartik. Suhasini says none will trouble Kartik. There, Akshu and Arohi think to make a gift for Kartik. Akshu says they can make a card. Arohi says card she will make and will order coffee mug for him too from her savings. She asks Akshu to think something else. Akshu decide to craft pen stand for Kartik. Arohi says she has already order pen stand for Kartik than she should think something else. Akshu think of making something special for Kartik.

There, Sirat gets excited to meet Kartik. She unintentionally burn Kartik’s jacket and worry. Sirat meet Akshu. Akshu show her present to Sirat. Sirat likes the personalised gift box. She says Kartik will love it. Arohi come and says Akshu is smart thus she told her that she will make pen stand but made gift box. Sirat scold Arohi when she steals Akshara’s idea.

Ahead, Sirat and everyone gets excited to meet Kartik. Arohi says she will asks Kartik to bring Sheila. Mainsh alert Arohi. Arohi question Manish for restricting Sirat from meeting Sheila. She asks why he keep scolding Sirat. Sirat disciplines Arohi. Arohi leave the place. Swarna asks who told Arohi that Sheila is not rich. Akshu disclose Sirat went to meet Sheila. Sirat says Sheila poisoned Arohi’s mind. Swarna asks Akshu to console Arohi.

Later, Sirat and the Goenkas learn that Kartik’s flight has gone missing. Goenkas cry and worry for Kartik. Mainsh says it might by a rumour. Sirat refuse to believe the news. She decide to hide the news from Akshu and Arohi. Sirat says in the meantime she will visit temple. She asks Swarna to handle everything. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Akshu visit Sirat at the temple. Sirat asks Arohi to wait until, she return with Akshu. Sirat slips down the stairs and gets injured.

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