Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 26th July 2019 written update- Kairav finally enters Goenka Villa

The episode begins with the doctor is checking the reports of Naira and Kairav and comparing them to each other. While Naira notices the wedding card of Kartik and Vedika and she gets upset. Pallavi tiles Naira that she has gone through the entire report and one thing she is confirmed about is Kairav doesn’t have the same disease which Naira had. Naira gets happy to no this but her happiness lived short as doctor raises it doubt about the actual illness of Kairav. Pallavi says that for clear Diagon says about the illness of Kairav she needs to do some specific test on him. She asks Naira to complete the test of Kairav at her hospital right now.

Here, Gayu, Vansh and Vedika come to A boutique to take the dress they have ordered for the engagement ceremony. Coincidentally Liza, Naira, and Kairav also come to the same boutique to spend some time until the reports come from the hospital. Naira tells Kairav that Lisa has some shopping to do that is why they are there whereas Kairav wants to meet his father. Kairav says he will choose the gift for his father. Naira says to Liza that they will wait until the reports from the hospital came and then they can leave for Goa.

Eventually, the jacket Kairav likes and chooses for his father is also the same one which Vansh chooses for his big bro Kartik. the keeps on arguing over who like the jacket first and who will check it home for the loved ones as a gift. Gayu and Naira watch them from the upper floor and things that their kid has got a company to spend some time. Gayu fails to notice Naira but feels some awkwardness seeing her from the back side.

Here Vansh shows Kairav his key chain to show the picture of his big bro, Kartik. Kairav recognizes him and says he is my father only. Vansh tells him that my big bro is not even married and his wife’s name was Naira what is your mother’s name? Kairav says my mom name is Tina, Vansh laughs at him and says see you don’t know anything. Kairav doesn’t agree and says he can prove it. Vansh asks him to come with him and Kairav agrees immediately as he knows if he asks mom she will never agree. He nods to him and Vansh and Kairav go out of the shop running.

Naira notices Kairav going out of the shop and follows him but she was too late to catch him. She calls for Kairav but he runs fast with Vansh and both reaches the car. The driver calls Gayu and says Vansh is with me and he wants to go home. Gayu thinks that leaving Vedika alone here will not be a good idea she decides to stay and asks the driver to take Vansh home while sending another car for her and Vedika.

Inside the car, Vansh and Kairav talk about Kartik and Kairav get happy and excited to meet his father whereas Naira follows the car with a taxi from behind. Suddenly she notices the car is going towards Goenka villa and gets tensed to think if Kairav is going to Goenka Villa?

Here the car halts in front of Goenka Villa and Kairav and Vansh gets down and runs inside and the lights suddenly turned on their arrival. Kairav gets happy and excited watching the lights and feels happy. He enters the main house while Kaira cries at the game of destiny and Liza wonders what happened to her? Kairav entered the house and the priest puts a tika on his head on welcome. Liza asks Naira to enter the house and get Kairav but she hesitates.

Precap: Kairav sees Kartik and calls him papa, Kartik hugs him. Later, Liza comes to take Kairav but he refuses to go until his mom comes there.