Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th October 2021 Written Update: Sirat meet with an accident

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26thOctober 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Sirat cry recalling her moments with Kartik. She see Kartik’s picture. Swarna tries to light the lamp but worry when she fail. Suhasini console Swarna. Swarna says she is not feeling good. Sushasini says to Swarna not to worry as nothing will happen too Kartik. Manish and Akhilesh inform Goenkas that no passenger can be contacted so far. Swarna says if something happen to Kartik. Surekha asks Swarna not to worry as nothing will happen to Kartik. Akshara and Arohi over hear Manish’s talk.

There, Sirat struggle to reach the temple. She says Kartik has to return to her. Sirat think why weather changed suddenly. She tries to reach temple. Akshu and Arohi asks if nothing will happen to Kartik. Goenkas console Akshara and Arohi. Surekha inform Akshara and Arohi that Sirat has visited temple to pray for Kartik. Akshu and Arohi decide to visit temple too. Swarna and Surekha asks Arohi and AKshu to pray at home and God is everywhere. Manish promise to the girls that he will bring back Kartik.

Sirat reach temple and asks God to shower mercy. She asks God to return Kartik back. Sirat receives a call from someone. In the meantime, Goenkas pray to God. Arohi decide to meet Sirat at the temple. Akshu asks Arohi where she is going. Arohi asks Akshu not to follow her. She inform she is going to the temple. Akshu says she will not leave Arohi alone as weather is bad too. Afterwards, Sirat receives a message from Kartik that read he is well. Goenkas too receives a news about Kartik’s good will. They get happy. Goenkas further look for Akshu and Arohi.

Afterwards, Arohi meet Sirat at the temple. Sirat asks Arohi why is she here as weather is bad. Arohi says to pray for Kartik. Sirat inform Arohi that Kartik is save. Akshu come too. Arohi think despite she asked Akshu not to follow her she came behind her. Later, Sirat falls down the stairs while trying to save Akshara. Arohi stand stunned. Akshu and Arohi cry for Sirat. Sirat recall her moments with Goenkas and breathe her last asking Akshu to take care of Arohi always.

Later, Manish receive a news about Sirat. He breaks down. Goenkas worry. There, Arohi accuse Akshu for Sirat’s condition. Arohi asks Akshu to leave her alone. Akshu leave the place.

Precap: Akshu and Arohi like the same scarf. Akshu give the scarf to Arohi. She further inform Arohi about some place where wishes come true. Abhimanyu come to the place. Arohi wish Abhimanyu fall for her. Akshu wish Arohi’s wish come true.

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