Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 27th September 2019 written update:- Vedika burst out in anger in front of Kartik

The episode starts with Kartik, Naira, and Kairav re in car and they are going for Kairav admission in school. Naira is saying to Kartik how come they agreed for your application but didn’t agree for my application. They clearly told me they didn’t intake kids in midterm but for you, they agreed easily for this admission.

Kartik says I filled out the application form with all the credentials of yours but they called me instead. Naira says I will ask them what is their procedure? How they are ready to intake Kairav all of a sudden in the middle of the session. Kairav asks them to keep quiet and not to fight as he is getting distracted from his preparation for the school interview. He says if you two argue like this then it makes me sad and unhappy.

Kartik halts the car and says sorry to Kairav while Naira smiles and call him. Kairav who is pretending to be sad starts to smile and Kartik calls him naughty, Naira says I knew it beforehand that he is putting up a drama.

Vedika is missing from Goenka house, Suhashini enquires Swarna about her when a staff of them informs that Vedika left home with a car in the morning itself. They get worried for her while Vedika reaches Singhania house and enquires about Kartik, they informed her that he has gone out with his wife and kid. Naira, Kartik and Kairav enter the cabin of the principal of the school and she asked them to settle on the chair for admission process.

The principal says we usually don’t intake kids in midterm but since Kartik does a lot of things for our school, so we are going to do this simple thing for him. Naira gives a look to Kartik and tells the principal that she should take a test of Kairav and if he fits the bill then only take him for admission as the process be it anywhere needs to be fair. Otherwise, it doesn’t look good. Kartik tries to stop Naira but she is confident enough about the abilities of her son Kairav.

The principal took the test of Kairav and he passed with flying colors. The head of the institution gets impressed with his skills and says he is too bright for his age and this proves how great Kartik and Naira are as parents and Kartik look proud and overwhelmed as Naira raised his son really well. They both take leave while Vedika is still in Goenka house and she is waiting for Kartik to arrive.

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ये रिश्ता क्या कहलाता है 27 सितंबर 2019 रिटेन अपडेट: – कार्तिक पर फूटा वेदिका का गुस्सा!

Naira and Kartik come back home with Kairav post his admission in school and he says I need to go for shopping. Naira asks what is the need for shopping? You will get everything that you need from the school itself. He says I left all my belongings at the house of Goa and now how will I bring those things back. Kartik says there is no need as everything will appear in a new form. Kairav says I will tell all about my admission in my style and they enter the house and gets shocked to see Vedika is sitting inside.

Kairav informs Vedika she got admission in school, Vedika asks him to Vansh know this as he is missing him, Kartik asks Vedika to go home and they will talk but she doesn’t agree and says I have to clear some things with you and now only.

Kartik tries to calm her down but she just burst out at him for treating her unfairly in spite of marrying her with his own will. She says you always do things as per your own wish and then expect all others to support you. You never made me feel like your wife, a human being but like a statue of Goenka Villa.

Naira is listening to their conversation from a corner and is crying. She says I can accept Kairav too but not Naira. She says you never really think about me or Naira, we both are suffering because of you. She has to take the blame for coming between us and I feel guilty without having any single fault.

Kartik says I am making it very clear that I will not let my son go away hence, whoever wants to be in my life can stay or leave as well. Naira cries while Vedika goes out of the house in fury and Naira follows her. The words of Kartik echoes in the ears of Vedika and she is about to jump from a cliff but Naira who is following her comes at the end moment and saves her. Vedika gets shocked to see this and both stands facing each other.

Precap: Naira decides to give divorce to Kartik to fix the damage.