Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 28th August 2019 written update:- Naira celebrates Janmashtami at Goenka Villa

The episode begins with Karthik is shouting at Naira for blaming his family and says if you are talking to me in a bad way I will solve it but I will not tolerate anything against my family. Naira also says that when it was about me I listened to everything but this time it is about my child and I will not tolerate anything about him. there are going at each other when finally Naira change the topic and start to behave as if they are having a fun fight. Kartik gets confused but he realized there is something odd and he also plays along.

The entire family gets confused to see them change in a moment when Kairav’s voice comes from behind. the dental family understands why they start to behave in that way and Kartik looks at Naira. Kairav comes to them and asks why they are fighting like two small babies? He tells Suhasini that he will make the fights between his father and mother. Suhasini is looking much annoyed with the happenings. Vedika, on the other hand, is upset to see Karthik with Naira but she keeps quiet. Kairav asks Naira and Kartik to shake hands and stop their fighting.

With much hesitation, Kartik and Naira did what Kairav is asking them to do. They shake hands and later hugs each other too on Kairav insist. Vedika is watching everything with teary-eyed helplessly as she doesn’t have any other option. Kartik and Naira hugged each other tightly and Naira gets emotional at that moment. Suddenly, Kairav feels a pain in his stomach due to which Naira and Kartik got scared when Kairav says he has to go somewhere in his language. Naira understands what he is asking for but not able to say when Vansh says he wants to go to the washroom for toilet no. 2. Suhasini asks him to take Kairav to the bathroom, he says why should I, I am not his mother? Suhasini repeats the whole again angrily and Vansh took him to the toilet.

Suhasini tells Naira that Kairav is going to stay with us and he will celebrate Janmashtami in this house only. Kartik adds I will not let anybody to take away my son from me. Anyone who is connected to him can stay here on their wish but I will not let my son go from my house today. Naira keeps quiet and silently agrees and all departs.

Kartik asks Kairav if he is okay and needs any help? Kairav says his mom made him washroom independent. Kartik says ok sorry, I forgot about it. Here he gets a text for Manish about giving Vedika some time too. He tries to talk to Vedika but she says him to keep quiet as she knows everything and asks him to give her some time to cope up with all these. Kartik blames Naira for this situation and says why did you leave me? and now when you are back, you are already late.

Vedika and Suhashini have a conversation about making the offerings and Naira listens to it. She thinks Suhashini only likes laddu made of flour but this time Suhashini asks Vedika to make any sort of laddu. Naira informs Naksh about whatever is happening in the Goenka Villa. Vedika asks Naira to have some tea and offers her comfort. Naira asks her to call Kairav down but Vedika says I can be Kartik’s wife but you are his mother. You have the right and left from there. Naira goes in search of Kairav and sees him having watermelons with Kartik.

Kartik shows her the watermelons and she said to Kairav indirectly that you are having watermelons now whereas doctors strictly ask you not to consume it. Kartik gets upset when Naira settles down there to feed Kairav khichdi. He gets happy to listen that Naira brings his favorite khichdi for him. She is about to feed him when Suhashini comes there and belittle Naira. Naira and Kartik get shocked.

Precap – Kairav asks Vedika to step back and let his mom Naira to decorate it. Naira asks Kartik to let her ho with Kairav to Singhania house.