Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th January 2020 Written Update: Kartik console Naira!

Today’s episode starts with Luv and Kush’s friends leave and Gayu asks them why they are leaving so soon. Abhishek says they got a call from the home thus leaving. Naira and Kartik comes with Luv and Kush and exposes them that they were about to have bear. Goenka’s stands shocked. Kartik says Trisha saw Kairav and Vansh with the bear cans and told them. Luv gets angry and says he will not spare Trisha. Ahkilesh gets angry on the duos and cancel their birthday gift.

Later, Luv gets angry on Trisha and says to Kush that he will not leave Trisha. There, Naira worries for Kairav and Kartik consoles Naira. Luv and Kush apologize to Kartik and Kartik says to them that he will talk to Ahkilesh for their racing bike. Naira over hears Kartik’s talk and gets upset with Kartik for supporting Luv and Kush.

Naira asks Kartik not to support Luv and Kush at this point. Kartik refuses to agree with Naira. Ahead, Naira and Kartik spends quality time with each other. Further, Kartik asks Luv and Kush to pacify Naira if they want the bike. He asks them to impress Naira so that she can get convince for the purchasing of the bike. Luv and Kush agrees.

In the morning, Goenka’s celebrate Republic day. Naira says she and Trisha have to leave for academy for the techinal rehersal. Kartik signals Luv and Kush. Luv and Kush says to Naira that they too will come with her to the academy. Kairav ad Vansh asks Naira to take them too. Kartik says to Kairav and Vansh he will take them. Episode ends with Naira over hears Luv Kush getting angry on Trisha after she taunts them that at the hostel they didn’t learned any manners.

Precap: Naira waits for Trisha to perform the dance. Trisha stands shocked seeing someone.