Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th October 2021 Written Update: Abhimanyu follows Akshara’s voice

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th October 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Abhimanyu stopping hearing Akshu’s voice. Akshu sing Lord Krishna song. Abhimanyu follow the voice and looks for Akshu. Akshara wait for good time. Abhimanyu find Akshu’s bracelet. He smile. HarshVardhan calls Abhimanyu. At hospital, Harshvardhan order the staff to edit Abhimanyu’s name for Ruby’s check-up. A boy out there fear operation and says if he will go to OT than yumraj will take him. Abhimanyu disguise as Yumraj to console the boy. Little, boy gets happy seeing Abhimanyu’s effort.

Harshvardhan says to Abhimanyu that Ruby’s check-up is important. Abhimanyu says he is needed at the operation theatre first. Harsh says if he wouldn’t have been his son he would have thrown him out from the hospital. Abhimanyu says to Harsh that he will not do because he is important for his business. Harsh stands shocked.

Akshu return home. Manish asks Akshu to stop chasing Aarohi as the more she will chase more arrogant latter will become. Akshu refuse to give upon Arohi. She says Arohi called her. Akshu learn Kairav lie to her and call her back home using Arohi’s name. Vansh asks Akshu to go for her NGO interview. Akshu refuse and says she will go some other day. Vansh and Goenkas asks Akshu not to mix her personal and professional life. Suhasini decide to accompany Akshu for her interview.

Kairav worry for Arohi. Vansh asks Kairav not to worry everything will be fixed soon. At hospital, Harsh complain to his elder brother about Abhimanyu’s action. Harsh’s elder brother support Abhimanyu. Mahima come and taunt Harsh for Abhimanyu. Someone inform that media is at the hospital for Birla’s interview. Arohi see Abhimanyu’s profile and decide to meet latter.

Other side, Akshu give her interview to Mahima. She tries to convince Mahima that music therapy can cure patients. Mahima gets angry on Akshu for her idea. She taunt that being rich she can never understand the pain. Later, Akshu gets the panic attack. Suhasini decide to take Akshu to the Birla hospital. Arohi too reach Birla hospital to see Abhimanyu.

In the meantime, an intern asks Abhimayu to check Ruby else Harsh will cancel his internship. Abhimanyu think Harsh don’t have control on him thus using students. He decide to check Ruby. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Suhasini take Akshu to the hospital. She asks to call doctor. Abhimanyu accidentally falls on Akshu. At home, Harsh gets angry on Abhimanyu for making joke of him at the hospital. He taunt Abhimanyu not to turn like his mother as she feed him. Abhimanyu gets angry on Harsh.

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