Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th September 2021 Written Update: Kartik receives an unexpected news

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th September 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with doctor telling to Sirat that they will try for normal delivery but in case caesarean they need Kartik’s permission. Sirat informs Kartik is not with her. Doctor asks if anyone else can sign the form.

Sirat says no one is with her other than Kairav. Kairav asks Doctor not to wait for Kartik and cure Sirat. Doctor assure Kairav. She instruct nurse to not let Sirat sleep and do other arrangements. In the meantime, Kairav pray to God to take care of Sirat and he will look at Akshu. He pray to God to send Kartik too.

Here, Kartik gives good presentation. Manish praise Kartik. Akshilesh says to Kartik that next meeting at Jaipur he will attend. Kartik refuses and says he wants to be with Sirat until her delivery. He further decide to call Sirat. There, Suhasini says puja happened successfully. She asks Swarna to call the driver.

Sirat falls unconscious. Doctor worry for Sirat. She asks Kairav if Kartik is coming. Kairav says he is not able to reach him. Doctor asks to call anyone else. Kairav says none is receiving the call. He pray for Sirat. Kartik call Kairav and learn about Sirat. Goenkas too learn about Sirat. Goenkas and Kartik races against the clock to meet Sirat. On the call, Kartik motivate Sirat. Kairav take care of Akshu.

Kartik and others reach hospital. He asks Kairav if he is fine. Kartik call Kairav brave. He asks Kairav not to worry as Sirat is equally brave. Doctor tell Kartik and Goenkas that Sirat’s normal delivery can’t happen thus they have to go for caesarean. Kartik worry for Sirat and asks doctor to let him meet Sirat. Doctor refuses. Swarna insists Kartik.

Kartik meet Sirat and asks her not to worry. He asks Sirat to fulfil her promise. Kartik asks Sirat to take care of herself and baby. Sirat assure Kartik. Doctor takes Sirat for the operation. Kartik sign the papers. Later, Kairav tell to Kartik and Sirat how he reached hospital with Sirat and Akshu. Kartik gets teary hearing Kairav. Goenkas cry too.

Furthermore, Doctor inform Kartik that they will not be able to save the child. Kartik gets angry. Manish console Kartik. Goenkas pray to God for Sirat’s wellness. Sirat gives a birth to a girl. Kartik and others gets happy.

Precap: Swarna says baby will be fine. Kartik says baby needs to get fine for him and Sirat else he will be broken. Akshu gives her bracelet. Kairav decodes Akshu wants to give the bracelet to the baby. Baby respond post Kairav keeps bracelet near her. Swarna, Kartik and Manish stands shocked

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