Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 29th July 2019 Written Update- Kairav meets Kartik and Goenka family

The episode begins with Kairav is looking happily around him at Goenka Villa. Kartik comes there, Kairav sees him and calls him out as papa. Kartik feels Kairav and looks at him and gets shocked to see him. Suhasini also notices kind of and things who is this kid in the house? Kartik feels he is imagining that and he closes his eyes but then he sees him comes running towards him and stumbles on a thread he goes near him and holds him and Kairav hugs Kartik.

A balloon burst and the sparkles fall on them as if the celebration of a father and son reunion after long. Here outside Liza asks Naira what is wrong? Why we are not going inside? Naira says I can’t go inside, this is Kartik house. Liza gets stunned on this circle of destiny and says I am amazed to see these coincidences. I guess the universe is giving you signs Tina, please accept it and go inside and stop the engagement. Inside the house, everyone gathers at the hall and gets surprised to see this little boy is addressed in Kartik as his father.

Kartik house candles and ask him how did he end up here in his house? Vansh says he brought him here and asks him if he is his father? Kartik asks Vansh to keep quiet, he requests the family members to wait for some time and he will tell everyone everything.

Kairav sees Dadi and calls her ‘baccha chor.’ She gets offended and asks him what he is doing in his dad’s house? Dadi says this is my house, how you came here? Kairav tells Kartik this woman is a child trafficker, get her arrested. Kartik is showing Kairav his house when some maids covered Naira’s picture and Kairav fails to notice it.

Swarna tells the family members about Kartik and Kairav relationship. They feel for the kid and admired his innocence. Suhasini says how much this kid resembles Kartik, Swarna says when there will be a son of Kartik then he will be like this. All look at Swarna while she realizes and keeps mum.

Naira here asks Liza to go inside and bring Kairav as she can’t go inside. Kartik asks Kairav if his mom knows about he is coming there. Kairav says No, I didn’t tell her. Kartik asks him to call from his phone but Kairav says he will not as his mom will scold him, you do please. Vansh again asks Kartik if Kairav is his son?

Kairav says Vansh is an idiot, he doesn’t understand anything. Both the kids get into an argument while the housemates are enjoying their banter. Kartik gets hopeless and asks both of them to shut up. Liza comes there looking for Kairav and asks him to come with her. Kairav addresses her and says where is his mom? Liza says she is busy now come with me, Kartik stops her and says I will not let Kairav go anywhere until his mom comes here. Kairav also says on the same line.

Liza calls Naira and asks her to come inside, she denies and says make some excuses and come out. Kartik gets angry, he says why Kairav mom avoids me always? I will not let Kairav go out until she comes here. He asks Liza what they are doing in Udaipur? Then he asks Kairav told me about the hospital! Is he ok Liza? Did anything happen to Kairav?

Liza says I have no answer for your questions but now let me take Kairav with me. Kartik denies, while outside Naira sees a car and recognizes Vedika with her engagement dress. She gets sadder seeing her and cries more. Kairav here holds Kartik hand and says he doesn’t want to go from there.

Precap: Vedika is feeding Kairav when dadi accidentally speaks about Kartik engagement. Here Liza lies to Kartik about Kairav’s mom accident.