Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th January 2020 Written Update: Goenka’s celebrate Republic Day!


Today’s episode starts with Luv saying to Kush that Trisha thinks herself over smart. Naira stands at the door. Luv and Kush thinks Naira over hears their talk but Naira comes to her and says she is happy they are helping her.

There photographer asks Naira to pose for the camera. Kartik sees Naira and gets mesmerized seeing her. Here, Luv and Kush’s friend comes to meet the duos and asks them when their new bike will come. Trisha interrupts and reveals to Luv and Kush’s friend that their new bike isn’t going to come. Irked with Trisha, Luv and Kush thinks to avenge Trisha after they learned that she is preparing speech for Minister.

Goenak’s gets ready for the function. Other side, Kartik helps Naira in getting ready. Naira says she is getting restless but Kartik asks her not to. Ahead, Kartik and Naira starts the Republic Day celebration at her dance academy.

Afterwards, Kairav and Vansh read the wrong speech and Kartik, Naira and Goenka’s apologize to the minister. Here, Trisha learns that Luv, Kush along with their friend has changed the speech. She threatens Luv and Kush and says she will expose them in front of Naira. Luv asks her who will believe her. Trisha gets furious and slaps Luv. She asks the duos not to think she is weak and threatens she will report their acts to the police. Luv and Kush stands shocked.

Here, Naira doesn’t find Trisha and asks Kartik to look for Trisha as her dance performance will come soon. Kartik goes to find Trisha, meanwhile Naira starts the dance. Trisha comes later and performs along with Kartik. Luv gets teary seeing her dance. His friend asks Luv and Kush to avenge Trisha. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Tisha stands shocked seeing something.

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