Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 2nd August 2019 written update:- Naira meets Kartik at the temple

The episode begins with Naira remembers Suhasini’s words about Kartik childhood illness. She decides to go to Kuldevi temple as well to pray for Kairav good health and will follow all the instructions that Dadi tells her. Kairav asks Naira why he is wearing the uniform like other admitted kids of the hospital? Naira tells him that as you give so much happiness and smiles to these kids so the doctors of this place specially request her to keep Kairav here for someday.

Liza says they said that Kairav is a courageous, superman, happy man so they want to keep you. Naira says but I was not ready at all at first, but then they pleaded to me repeatedly so eventually I agree. Did I make the right call? Kairav says yes mom and I am so daring, so I will be happy to be here. Naira says and the baby they said they found some germs in your tummy so they will abolish it with medicines and injections or else it will eat all your food and go big. Kairav agrees and says he will take medicines and injections and hugs Naira.


The next morning, Naira goes to temple after handing over Kairav to Liza. She comes to temple and prays for Kairav and says he is your family generation lord, will you let him go like that? At that same time, Kartik, Vansh, Swarna and the entire family also arrives at the temple to pray for Kartik and Vedika. Naira and Kartik stand in the temple inches apart when someone from behind pushes Kartik and he falls on an unknown lady.

Kartik immediately asks for sorry from that lady and the family members feel odd. Suhasini is about to offer the red scarf to the lord when it flew away in the air resulting in Suhashini gets tensed about the marriage. She notices an offering before the lord in a silver platter and she prays that whoever it is should recover. Kartik also touches the plate of the offering by Naira unknowingly while Naira watches all these from behind to hide from Kartik. She thanks God for making the entire family pray for her kid and also let the offering touched by both the parents. She says now please let the operation of Kairav happen properly and is about to leave. She is descending the stairs when Kartik also comes to take the scarf. Someone keeps a hand on Naira’s shoulder.

She turns and gets shocked to see Aditya there. He says you are dead right? I saw your news too then how come you appear here? Naira notices Kartik and escapes from there without answering any questions. Aditya calls her name and Kartik listens to it while Naira hides behind a shop. Kartik asks Aditya not to do such pranks with him as it is not at all funny. He blames Aditya for playing games and try to make him depressed but Aditya keeps on repeating his words. Here in the temple someone pushes Vedika and her plate for veneration is about to fall but Dadi covers Vedika. Aditya asks Kartik to trust his words and says Naira is alive, he saw her here and he will repent one day for not listening to him. Kartik goes back in temple dejected and a bit of convinced while Naira cries in the corner.

Precap – Aditya records Naira’s activity and comes to Goenka house to show it to Kartik. Naira also follows him. Aditya calls for Kartik in the house.