Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd March 2021 Written Update: Sirat slaps Manish unintentionally

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd March 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Rhea seeing Naira’s design and says she will base her design and will present to Kartik. She see Naira’s ring. Gayu come and lashes out at Rhea for touching Naira’s jewellery. She gets angry at her. Rhea tell to Gayu that she was just seeing the jewellery. Suwarna and Surekha come and asks Gayu what happened.

Gayu says Naira is staying at the house being Sirat that doesn’t mean anyone will touch her stuffs. He asks Rhea why she wants everything that belongs to Sirat. Gayu collects the jewellery and takes it to Sirat. Suwarna, Surekha and Rhea goes behind Gayu. Kartik asks Suwarna why Gayu is shouting. Suwarna tell Rhea was looking Naira’s jewellery and Gayu misunderstand her. Karitk asks who permitted Rhea to touch Naira’s stuff. He runs behind Gayu too. Gayu go to Sirat and asks her to wear her ring. She asks Sirat why she is not wearing the ring inspite knowing Kartik can’t see her without the ring.

Gayu makes Sirat wear the ring. Sirat stands shocked. Kartik come and takes out the ring from Sirat’s hand. He gets angry at Gayu. Kartik asks Gayu to come back to her senses and Naira is no more. He says inspite knowing he gets disturbed seeing Naira’s stuff why they are bringing her stuffs in front of him.

Gayu asks Kartik not to shout at her, as she know he hasn’t forgive her yet. Sirat asks Kartik not to get angry on Gayu because if she would have given her ring to her than she would have returned him later. She collect Naira’s jewellery and give it back to Gayu. Kartik asks Suwarna to take care of Gayu and Naira’s jewelleries too. Ahead, Kartik recall his moments with Naira and punch the punching bag. Sirat come and apologize to Kartik. Kartik ask Sirat why she is apologizing him. Sirat says because of her face he is in pain. Suhasini informs Naira’s ring is missing. Kartik and Goenka’s doubt on Sirat.

Sirat gets angry on Kartik and Goenka’s for doubting on her. Rhea hide the ring and says Sirat won’t imagine what she has plotted for her. She tries to take Sirat’s side. Sirat asks Rhea why she is speaking so much. Suhasini says they should hunt the ring in Sirat and Mauri’s stuffs. Sirat refuses. Rhea ask Sirat why she is reacting as if she is hiding something. Sirat asks Rhea why she is talking so much as she too is not a family member thus her stuffs should be searched too. Rhea refuses. Mainsh come and informs Goenka’s that he heard Sirat and Mauri taking about arranging the money.

In the heat of moment, Sirat slaps Manish when Rhea trick her. Kartik, Akshilesh and Surekha asks Sirat to leave the house. Mauri says to Kartik that he knows well Sirat is not bad girl. Sirat asks Mauri not to plead in front of Goenka’s. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Sirat accuse Kartik for sending police to arrest her.

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