Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 30th July 2019 Written Update- Liza tells a lie to Kartik about Naira

The episode starts with Vansh is again asking Kartik if Kairav is his own son? Kartik tells him, no but you will not tell this to Kairav as he doesn’t have a father and he misses him so much. Vansh looks at Samarth once and promises not to tell anybody. Liza again approaches Kairav to come with her but Kairav hugs Kartik tightly and is reluctant to go from there. He asks Kartik to settle his issues with his mom and asks her to come there. He doesn’t want to go from there leaving Kartik at all. Vedika agrees with Kairav and says yes your father must have said something to your mother. Kartik asks Liza to message his wife that he is not sending Kairav anywhere. Vedika is making Kairav eat jelly and he enjoys it. Dadi asks her to get ready, Vedika excuses herself from Kairav and leaves. Kartik makes Kairav eat sandwiches and feels happy. Swarna gets happy to see Kartik so much joyful after long. Kairav tells Dadi that he knows she not being a child thief.

He calls her to eat with him as his mom says that sharing and having food with everything gives more happiness. Kairav tells Kartik he loves Kachori, Kartik remembers how he used to love Kachori so much. He gives Kairav kachori and he made a smiley on it and then makes everyone eat it from Dadi to Manish, Samarth and Naksh too. Liza watches the whole thing and says Tina your happiness is calling you, come here and grab it. Naira calls Liza and asks her to tell a lie to Kartik to let Kairav go from there.

Here, Vedika is getting ready for engagement but gets emotional seeing her father picture. She says you had taken good decisions for me always. Even now before going you took a wise decision for me. She says Kartik is a very good human being and she will never leave his hand in life. She will try her best to fill the void that Naira’s demise creates in the heart and life of Kartik. Kairav enters her room and asks for washroom and Kartik also comes behind him. He asks Vedika if she sees Kairav, she says yes, he is in the washroom. Kartik says something and Vedika says are you really his fake father? You two even talk alike. Kairav comes and compliments Vedika for looking good whereas Kartik sees Kairav behaves a lot like him.

Liza comes there and tells Kartik a lie about Naira accident. Here, Kartik makes Kairav agree to go with Liza and promises him that he will come to meet him for sure. Liza informs Kartik that they are staying at Hotel Palash. Dadi gives Kairav a silver coin and says it will protect you from evil eyes. He hugs her while Vansh thinks Dadi never hugs me like this, she must be acting nice like all of us. Kairav leaves Kartik hand and goes from the house while Kartik feels emotional.

Precap : Pallavi tells Naira that Kairav illness is serious.