Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th November 2023 Written Update: Arman rejects Ruhi

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th November 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Surekha looks for Ruhi. Arman and Ruhi hide. Surekha says the house is so big that it is hard to find Ruhi. She calls out Ruhi. Ruhi demands Arman tell the family their truth. She says if they do not speak now, they will not be able to live a happy life ever. Arman stands stunned. Ruhi forces Arman to talk with the family.


Manish worries about Ruhi. Mrs. Poddar asks Manish not to worry; otherwise, Ruhi will come. She expects Ruhi might be getting ready. Ruhi and Arman return. Mrs. Poddar sees Rohit. She feels blessed that Ruhi has come into Rohit’s life. Rohit asks Mrs. Poddar why she is so sentimental. Vidya asks Rohit to let them live in the moment. Mrs. Poddar says Ruhi and Rohit are a perfect match. She says that if she dies too, she will not regret it. Kajal says Mrs. Poddar will live longer. Arman dreams of Vidya, Mrs. Poddar, and Rohit showering love on him. Back to reality: Ruhi asks Arman to tell the truth to the family before more confusion. Arman returned Ruhi’s ring. He leaves the place. 

Akshara gives a book to Abhira. She guides Abhira to never stop her study or her fight. Akshara asks Abhira to give her a promise. Abhira asks Akshara about being practical. Akshara says death can occur at any time. Abhira makes a promise to Akshara that she will become a famous lawyer no matter what.

Arman is emotional. Ruhi asks Arman to tell the truth to the family. Arman asks Ruhi to marry Rohit. Ruhi asks Arman why he thinks his family will not understand. Arman says no one is above his family. He assures Ruhi that he will keep her love in his heart safely. Vidya asks Arman and Ruhi about their discussion. Arman says Ruhi wants to plan a surprise for Rohit. Vidya says Mrs. Poddar wants to take a picture with Ruhi. She asks Ruhi to come.

Akshara remembers Abhir and Abhimanyu. She decides to leave Mussorie for Abhira’s sake. Yuvraj demands Jagraj get him out, as he wants to marry Abhira. The poddars take a picture with Ruhi and Rohit. Arman excuses himself from the group picture. He shares an eyelock with Ruhi. -Episode Ends

Precap: Yuvraj tells Arman that he is going to marry Abhira. Abhira gets ready to marry Yuvraj for Akshara’s sake. Arman tries to save Akshara and Abhira. Yuvraj put Arman at gunpoint. Akshara saves Arman and takes the bullet. 

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