Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st March 2020 Written Update: The Love in between Kartik and Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st March 2020 Written Update On

Today’s episode starts with Kartik came to Naira. Naira asks him you still here, Kartik says, yes and I won’t leave until you give my answers. Naira says i don’t know what are you talking about. Karthik says I want to response to the expression of my love. Naira feels shy and went from there as she wants to avoid Kartik.

Later in the morning, Only Karthik is moving in Naira’s mind. She keeps thinking about Kartik’s proposal. Later, on the other hand, Kartik meets Naitik and says, good morning to him, but Naitik gets a heart attack, Kartik calls Naira to tell her this, but she scolds him to keep bothering her and hung up his call.

After a while Kartik brought Naitik his home while Naira sees him and again scolds and says, can’t you give me a little more time, I need some time to understand this thing. But Kartik then tells her that I came here because your father is sick so I just wanted to help him so I bring him here.

Then Naira runs towards her father and ask him how he is. Naitik says, don’t worry about me I am alright, as Kartik took great care of me. Later she asks Naira to get ready for the dandiya function. The next day everyone is celebrating dandiya while Kartik is waiting for Naira. After a while Naira comes and Kartik pulls her towards him and asks her, do you love me, Naira.

Naira says, no, I don’t love you. And she then apologise to Kartik as she can’t able to give him love. After some days, Kartik decided to leave Naitik’s house so he makes his resignation letter and want to give this to Naitik but later Naitik asks Kartik to help Gayu in her new job.

Naira is also asked to help her in her dance class but Kartik says, no to her. Naira thinks Kartik is doing this purposely, as she rejected her love then she starts fighting with him while Gayu doesn’t like this behavior of Naira towards Kartik as she loves Kartik a lot so she scolds Naira for insulting Kartik in front of everyone.

Kartik also gets upset with Naira and stop talking to her. Ahead, Naira begins to realize her love for Kartik. She then wants to propose Kartik on Karvaachuth. She performs a dance for Kartik which makes Kartik lose his breath. Later she calls Kartik to meet her at the Garden area as she wants to give him a special gift. And while Naira is waiting for Kartik Gayu came and opens her fast which she kept for Kartik. This makes Naira shocked and Gayu then comes closer to her and says, that she loves Kartik for a long time ago. (Episode end)

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