Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st March 2021 Written Update: Suhasini advice Kartik to think about Sirat

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st March 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Kartik thinking how he said that. He think he betrayed Naira and she might have felt bad. Kartik hugs Naira’s picture and apologize her. He assure Naira neither Sirat nor Riya can replace her in his life. Kartik say Sirat’s face matches Naira but she can’t replace her. There, Sirat gets angry on Kartik for talking about wedding. Mauri try to console Sirat.

Sirat recall about her boyfriend and says in the past her boyfriend father refused her and now Mainsh. Sirat says why none ask her whether she wants to get married or not. Mauri think what new trouble came to Sirat’s way. Here, Kairav paint canvas thinking Sirat will not go anywhere. There, Riya mess her room. She says she took care of Akshara and Kairva in a hope to marry Kartik. Surekha come and pacify Riya. Riya says to her that she left her house for Kartik but he refused to marry her. Surekha ask Riya to keep faith on Mainsh. Riya says Sirat is Naira’s face alike and this is not small thing.

Other side, Suhasini goes to Kartik. She tries to make Kartik understand that God made him say all those think as Kairav pray to Lord to unite him with Sirat. Suhasini says Kairav finds Naira in Sirat not only by face but by heart too. She ask Kartik for Kairav’s sake he should reconsider his decision. Suhasini ask Kartik to talk with Sirat. Kartik says to Suhasini he can’t betray Naira. He decide to apologize to Sirat.

Kartik walks out from the room. Manish think Suhasini is supporting Sirat and gets furious. Ahead, Kartik decides to talk with Sirat. He receives Kairav’s letter and stands shocked reading the letter. Kairav quoted in the letter how Sirat and Naira is similar to each other.

Here, Manish confront Suhasini. He ask don’t she trust his decision. Suhasini says even she is thinking about family’s happiness. Kartik learns from Mauri that Sirat is not at home. He goes to check Sirat. On the road, Kartik and Sirat both bumps into a lady who signal duo how their path will cross with each other. Karitk find Sirat and ask her if they can talk for 2 mins. Sirat ignore Kartik. Kartik enter the boxing ring. Meanwhile, Kairav, Suhasini and Mauri pray to God for Sirat and Kartik.

Later, Sirat punch Kartik. Kartik gets furious. He turn boxer and fights with Sirat. Kartik and Sirat punch each other. Sirat confront Kartik. She punch Kartik and refuses to accept his apology. Kartik refuses to marry Sirat and ask latter to end the topic. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Kartik ask Sirat to do fake marriage with him.

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