Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd February 2024 Written Update: Ruhi gets jealous

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd February 2024 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Arman makes Kaveri wear bangles to express love. The poddars get impressed with Arman. Arman confesses his love for Kaveri. Kaveri says she is proud of Arman. Arman gets upset. Abhira says that instead of expressing love, Kaveri is saying she is proud. Kaveri calls Arman her golden boy. Krish asks Arman to make Abhira wear bangles while she is waiting. Arman asks the vendor to give him fewer bangles. Abhira asks Arman if he is underestimating. Arman says Abhira will get uncomfortable. Abhira challenges Arman. Arman makes Abhira wear the bangles. Aryan comments that the bangles are sliding in Abhira’s hand like a slider. Abhira and Arman get stunned. Ruhi gets jealous. 

Mainsha says the vendor is right about the love test. She says Abhira and Arman do drama in front of everyone, but they love each other. Ruhi sits stunned. Abhira and Arman get shocked. Arman looks at Ruhi. The vendor asks Ruhi about her husband. Ruhi says she is clueless when he will return. The poddars feel bad for Ruhi. 

Ruhi thinks her wrist is empty, like her destiny. She thinks there is no one around who can make her wear bangles. Ruhi waits for Arman. Arman wakes up because of Abhira’s bangle. He moves out of the room. Arman spots Ruhi wearing the bangle. He worries for Ruhi. Arman makes Ruhi wear the bangle. Ruhi thanks Arman for making her feel comfortable. She adds that now she can sleep peacefully. Abhira spots Ruhi and Arman.

Ruhi thinks Arman wants to stay with her for a little longer. She thanks Arman for always helping her. Arman asks Ruhi to take care of herself. Abhira gets upset. Arman asks Abhira what is disturbing her. Abhira avoids Arman. Arman asks Abhira to tell him. Abhira shares with Arman that Ruhi behaves differently with him. She doubts Ruhi’s intention. Arman thinks it is getting hard to make Abhira understand.

Arman decided to eat with the family for now. He assures Abhira that he will eat with her later. Kaveri tells the family that her friends are visiting her. She decides to go to the restaurant because of Abhira. Abhira assures Kaveri that she will not create any problems. Arman is about to go after Abhira, but Ruhi stops. -Episode Ends

Precap: Arman asks Kaveri not to cancel her plan. Abhira and Ruhi assure Kaveri that they will cook for her. Arman decides to help Ruhi and Abhira. Ruhi holds Arman’s hand. Abhira will get jealous.

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