Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd June 2021 Written Update: Sirat looks for Kartik

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd June 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Kartik leaving the wedding venue. Sirat looks for Kartik and thinks where he left suddenly. Ranveer and Sirat performs wedding rituals. Ranveer feeds Sirat medicine. There, Kartik meets Chauhan. He asks Chauhan why he is angry. Kartik asks Chauhan if he is furious because Sirat won. He adds he is here to feed him sweet of Sirat and Ranveer’s wedding. Chauhan asks Kartik the reason for coming. Kartik says to Chauhan to warn him not to interrupt Sirat and Ranveer’s wedding. He alerts him and says Sirat won the match risking her life. Kartik shows some papers to Chauhan and says he can defame him in public showing this papers but he will not do that. He says to Chauhan, if he will try to trouble Sirat and Ranveer than he will not spare him.

Other side, Sirat calls Kairav and asks him about Kartik. Kairav says he was taking pictures thus, he is clueless about Kartik. Sirat asks Kairav to search for Kartik. Ranveer sees tensed Sirat and asks if she wants he will ask pandit to complete ritual fastly. Sirat thinks without Kartik she feels like halting the wedding. Kartik comes in. Sirat and Ranveer wedding ritual continue. Pandit asks for Sirat’s parents to tie the knot. Sirat calls Mauri. Mauri refuses. Kartik makes Mauri understand she can tie the knot as there is no bad in it. Surekha says Mauri doing ritual will be against the society norms. Kartik says they only make rules and if Naira’s father can tie the knot without Naira’s mother than Mauri too can do that. Mauri ties Sirat and Ranveer’s knot. Sirat and Ranveer takes the wedding rounds (rab ne bana di Jodi) song plays.

Later, Sirat and Ranveer’s wedding gets completed. Sirat looks at Kartik. Pandit asks Sirat and Ranveer to take everyone’s blessing. Kartik congratulates Sirat and Ranveer. He asks Ranveer to take care of Sirat. Ahead, media comes to take Sirat’s interview. Sirat gets nervous. She asks Kartik to go and give the interview on her be-half. Kartik and Ranveer both insists Sirat to give the interview. Sirat agree. Kartik gives Sirat her medal and latter thanks God for sending Kartik in her life.

Furthermore, media questions Sirat. They asks Sirat whom she will credit her win. Sirat takes Mauri, Goenka’s and Kartik’s name. She praise Kartik on camera. Reporter misunderstands Kartik being Sirat’s husband. Sirat tells to the media person that Ranveer is her husband. Later, Ranveer praise Kartik too. Ranveer’s mother and Nidhi says to Ranveer they should leave now before Chauhan gets angry. Ranveer’s mother bless Ranveer and leaves the place.

Suwarna says to Sirat to go and check her belongings in her room if she doesn’t left anything behind. Sirat stands shocked. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Goenka’s bid adieu to Sirat. Sirat stops the car and run towards Kartik.

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