Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd May 2021 Written Update: Kartik family learns about Ranveer

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sirat deciding to move on in her life forgetting the past and throwing away the note. Otherside Rhea gives Ranbeer Sirat’s swear and convinces him to stop Kartik and Sirat engagement. Ranveer runs to the engagement hall. Kartik makes Sirat wear the engagement ring and the elders showers flowers on the them. Sachi mohabbat plays in the BG. Ranveer cries seeing Sirat and Kartik engagement.

.Kairav happily hugs Sirat. Nani says that Sirat is very lucky to get Kartik and praises Kartik. Sirat jokes saying Nani has crush on Kartik and everyone laughs. Nani blesses Sirat and kartik. Kairav asks Sirat and Kartik hold each other and clicks their photo. Ranveer cries remembering Nani’s words. Nani notices Ranveer and gets shocked. Kairav also sees Ranveer and tells Kartik that he is friend is there. Ranveer leaves from there before Kartik and Sirat see him. Kartik goes to check. Sirat also goes after him.

Kartik sees Ranveer running. He wonders what happened to Ranveer. He has come back and leaves without meeting him. Kartik goes after Ranveer, followed by Sirat. Other side, Surekha asks who’s that new friend of Kartik. Family looks confused while Nani is tensed. Ranveer comes out of the Venue. He hides behind a van and cries remembering Sirat and Kartik engagement. Kartik calls out Ranveer. Sirat comes to Kartik and asks who is Ranveer and how he knows him.

Kartik says that he met him during the Gangaur puja. Yesterday he met him again. His hand was injured and while bandaging his hand, the engagement ring somehow left to him. Ranveer has come to return it. He seemed worry. He invited Ranveer to participate in the engagement, but he refused. He has come again for some unknown reason, but left without meeting him. He has his number, he will call him afterwards. He asks Sirat to come inside and goes inside. Sirat looks on.

Ranveer cries remembering his moments with Sirat. Sachi mohabbat plays. Ranveer starts walking lost in his thoughts. Sirat notices Ranveer. Suddenly a car hits Ranveer and he falls unconscious. Sirat shouts Ranveer and runs to him. He asks Ranveer to wake up. She says that he slightly injured and asks him to wake up to take him to the doctor. Kartik comes back searching for Sirat and notices Sirat crying holding an unconscious Ranveer.

Kartik and Sirat rush Ranveer to the hospital. Meanwhile Rhea tells the Goenkas that Ranveer, Sirat’s ex boyfriend, has come. She asks if Sirat didn’t tell them about it. The Goenkas look shocked. Swarna says that they did feel necessary to ask her and adds that everyone has a past and no use of talking about it. Rhea says that before starting a new relationship, one should talk about their past relationship. Swarna says that she’s certain Sirat would have talked about it to Kartik even if she did not, they don’t care about it. Manshi says that when past comes to the problem then there’s problem. Swarna defends Sirat.

Manish scolds Swarna. Rhea says that Sirat will not return. In the hospital, the doctor asks Ranveer’s family members sign to operate him. Sirat signs the form. The doctor asks Sirat to write what relation she shares with Ranveer. Sirat hesitates. Kartik says that they’re Ranveer’s friend.

The episode ends.

Precap: The doctor tells Kartik that they found a bullet lodged near Ranveer’s chest. Kartik tells Sirat to meet Ranveer and know his truth. Sirat says that she wants to concentrate on her fight and her life.

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