Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th December 2020 Written Update: Naira visits Kairav secretly

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th December 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Kartik bringing Kairav. He blindfolds him. Kairav asks Kartik where he is taking him. Kartik shows Kairav his birthday surprise. Kairav gets happy seeing ‘jungle theme’ for his birthday. He asks Kartik how he learns jungle theme is his favorite. Kartik thinks he didn’t know but Naira knows it. Kairav gets happy. Kartik sees Naira and Kairav together. It was his dream. Riddhima says to Kairav that they should cut the cake. Kartik says post Naira will come. Riddhima says it won’t be cool Naira coming to meet Kairav.

Kartik says to Riddhima that Naira wants to meet Kairav and they are no one to stop her. Kartik says none can imagine how a mother feels why staying away from her child. Riddhima says he is true none can imagine.

Ahead, Kairav miss Naira and imagines she is near him. Kartik sees Kairav from far.

Other side, Naira disguise clown and enters the Kairav’s birthday party. Guard tries to stop her but she runs inside. At Goenka house, Suhasiini and Suwarna prepares for Puja. Suhasini says today is special day as today is Kairav and Kartik’s birthday. Surekha gets irked. Gayu learns about the puja for Kartik and Kairav and gets jealous. She thinks both are out from the house stills all are worrying for them. Gayu says none do a Puja for Vansh’s well-care.

Further,  Kairav refuses to celebrate his birthday. Kartik insists Kairav to celebrate. Kairav while bursting balloons falls. Naira saves him. Kairav gets happy joker at his birthday party. He thanks Naira for saving him. Kartik tells to Riddhima that clown is no one other than Naira. He gets happy.

Disguised Naira performs a magic show for Kairav. Kairav gets happy. Kartik dance with Naira and Kairav on ‘bum bum bole’ song. While, dancing Naira’s fake nose falls. Nira think she is caught. Kairav stands shocked seeing Naira. Further, Kairav says he is not able to see anything. Kartik cleans his specs. Naira recalls his moments with Kairav. She says time for joker to leave. Kairav tries to stop clown. Kartik too insists joker stay back. Naira worries if Kairav will learn about her. Kartik signals Naira to stay back. Episode ends with Kartik saying to Naira that she is lioness and she should not fear anyone. Duo shares an eye-lock.

Precap; Kairav look for Kartik. Kartik meets Naira. Naira gets happy thinking she attended Kairav’s birthday party. She hugs Kartik. Kairav spots Kartik and Naira together.

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