Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th May 2021 Written Update : Sirat refuses to meet Ranveer

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mansi saying that Sirat isn’t trustworthy. Nani asks not to say anything against Sirat without knowing the full truth. Manish asks Nani to tell the truth. At the hospital Sirat is punching the pillar. Kartik stops her. He says that she can’t aid others with injured hand. He asks her to handle herself so that she can handle Ranveer.

Sirat cries hugging placing her head on Kartik’s chest. Sirat says that she doesn’t want to face Ranveer. Nani tells that Sirat was about to start her new life, but Ranveer didn’t come. Sirat took time to accept a new relationship. Sirat told the truth to Kartik because she doesn’t have any feelings for Sirat.

Kartik assures Sirat that Ranveer will be fine. Sirat apologizes to Kartik. Everyone would be waiting for them. Kartik says any good human being would have act like her. They need to be here. Sirat thanks Kartik.

The doctor tells that the bleeding stopped, so there is no need for any operation. Sirat asks if they can meet him. The doctor nod yes and leaves. Sirat runs to meet Ranveer, but stops at the doorstep. Kartik opens the room door and asks Sirat to go. Nani tells that Sirat doesn’t have any relation with Ranveer, she doesn’t even try to know about Ranveer’ whereabouts.

Manish asks then why Sirat left her engagement to meet Ranveer. Swarna says that Kartik is with Sirat and asks Manish to call Kartik and finds out what happened. Manish phones Kartik and realizes that he left the phone here. Kairav comes there and asks for kartik and Sirat. He asks if they fight again and Sirat. Nani hugs Kairav.

Sirat closes the room door and says that she doesn’t want to meet Ranveer. She runs from there. Kairav asks the family tell where Kartik and Sirat are. Kartik phones Manish from hospital. Manish asks where they’re. Kartik says that there was some emergency, so they had to leave without informing anyone. He will explain them after coming back. Nani asks if Sirat is with Kartik.

Manish says that he doesn’t know, Kartik didn’t say anything. Swarna says that Sirat will be with Kartik. She will not leave him. Rhea says that Ranveer is Sirat’s love and her marriage with Kartik is just an adjustment. Nani corrects that Ranveer was Sirat’s love. Rhea says if she didn’t love Ranveer, she would have gone after him. Swarna worries how to handle Kairav if Sirat had returned back to her ex love. Nani prays to God to send Sirat back.

Sirat comes back home. Sirat makes her Nani sit and gives water. Surekha questions Sirat about Ranveer and her relation with him. Sirat first apologizes to the family. She then says that she went to the hospital as Ranveer met with an accident. Rhea says that they all got to know Ranveer is her ex love. Other side, Kartik hears Ranveer blabbering something.

Ranveer asks not to kill Sirat, he will go away from her. Doctor calls Kartik out to talk about Ranveer’s reports. Sirat says that she doesn’t have any relation with Ranveer. She rushed the injured Ranveer to the hospital with Kartik’s help. Sirat clears that she didn’t meet Ranveer and her reason for doing engagement with Kartik is the same and nothing has changed from her side. She further says that it’s up to them to believe her or not.

The doctor says that there are some fragments of the bullet near his chest. Kartik asks why they wait to operate him. The doctor says that it’s a critical surgery so they need his consent. Kartik decides to ask Sirat about it. Other side Sirat puts lot of mirchi in the food and have it.

Kairav asks her not to eat. She will cry and her make up will be spoiled. Nani comes there. Sirat says to Nani to ask God why He send back Ranveer in her life. Sirat says that she’s going to do punching and asks Kairav to call her when Kartik will come to take family photo, as they’re her family. She wants to forget the past. Sirat leaves.

Ranveer’s friend, Chandu, comes to the hospital knowing about Ranveer’s accident. Kartik asks Chandu about the bullet fragments in Ranveer’s chest. Chandu asks Kartik to leave as he is family must be waiting for him, he will take care of Ranveer.

Kartik asks Chandu to talk to the doctor about Ranveer’s surgery and takes leave. Sirat is punching the back with closed eyes. Kartik removes the cloth around Sirat eyes. Kartik asks Sirat to meet Ranveer and talk to him. Sirat refuses to meet Ranveer.

The episode ends.

Precap: Kartik takes Sirat to Ranveer’s place. Sirat slaps Ranveer.

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