Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 5th August 2019 written update:- Aditya captures Naira in his mobile

The episode begins with Kartik is thinking about Aditya’s words while climbing up the stairs of the temple. Karthik remembers one after another dots from the time he meets Kairav to now. He realizes all the things I somewhere connected but he is not able to get that element and engrossed in deep thinking. Kartik gets a doubt that if Naira is alive somehow? Here, Aditya is following Naira and thinks to arrange evidence to prove to Kartik that she is alive. He hides behind a pillar and records Naira’s activities in his phone. Naira suddenly feels that she is being stalked but didn’t understand who it can be and tries to take a ride. She gets a taxi while her veil reveals and Aditya gets to record her visuals on his phone when the taxi driver sees him and comes angrily to take the phone. Aditya runs from there and Naira also follows him as well. Here in the Goenka Villa, the preparation for Kartik and Vedika Mehendi is going on. Gayu sees Vansh and prays to get him a place like Goenka family members in the house as Kartik is the only one who genuinely loves and cares for him and Vansh will not be able to share his love with anyone.

Suhasini comes down in the hall area of the house and creates chaos for not completing the work till now. She shouts at all for being careless and tells it’s her Kittu’s engagement and she will not tolerate any dispute in the preparation. Here Naira and Aditya are running on the streets while Naira is asking Aditya to stop and listen to her once but he is not. Here Vedika prays to god for bringing this day in her life and says she will try her best to keep all happy and especially Kartik. She asks the Lord to always bless her and guides her in all difficulties. She spots Kartik also at the temple and is asking prayers from God, she says I love you to Kartik in her mind and feels ecstatic.

Kartik in his prayer remembers Aditya’s words and feels he seems to be not lying this time at all. But if his words are true then where is Naira? Here Naira and Aditya are running when Naira hits Aditya with a cricket ball and he falls on the road and the phone also slips from his hand and fell down. He tries to get up but got wounded in his foot. Naira runs to take the phone but before she can take at the end moment, Aditya picks his phone and runs towards his car. He gets in and drives the car while Naira follows him with an auto.

In the Goenka villa, Mehendi ceremony has started and all the members and ladies are enjoying the ceremony. Kartik is in the room and in a dilemma about what to do next? Naksh and Vansh are also dancing at the ceremony. In between Manish brings Kartik in the ceremony. He comes and sits besides Vedika but again gets flashes of Naira dancing in their Mehendi. Aditya drives the car towards Kartik house while on the other hand Naira is trying her every way to stop him. Aditya reaches Goenka Villa and calls out Kartik. He tells him you didn’t believe my words at the temple but now I have come with proper evidence. He gives Kartik his mobile but due to fall, his phone display got disturbed. Kartik asks him where did you see Naira? Aditya says in the temple and then she went to take a ride but catches me recording her. She is repeatedly requesting me not to show you this video. He says I am not lying please believe me while Naksh comes and hits him hard. His phone got broken and the cheap falls inside the vase.

Precap – Vedika gets to know about Kartik’s feelings for Naira and this marriage and denied to marry him.