Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th May 2021 Written Update: Sirat decides to meet Ranveer

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The episode starts with Kartik urging Sirat to talk to Ranveer and knows his side truth. Sirat refuses to meet Ranveer. Kartik tries to provoke Sirat. He asks her to withdraw from the boxing. He says that now her mind is out of control so she can’t do boxing. She may get injured while hitting the opponent.

Sirat says that she got enough injuries and now it’s time for giving the counter punch. Kartik says for that she has to meet him. Sirat says that she only wants to focus on her fight and her life. Her life truth is the engagement ring, Kartik, Kairav and her dream metal, everything else is just a lie. Sirat thanks Kartik for bringing happiness in her life and says that she doesn’t want to lose it nor gets distracted.

Kartik tells Manish that there’s no any reason to get angry with Sirat. He asks Manish to understand how hard it will be for Sirat to deal with her past. He further says that Sirat will decide what she has to do and asks no one to interfere in her decision nor question her.

Kartik walks away. Swarna says that Sirat made it clear that she doesn’t love Ranveer anymore than why they’re overthinking. Rhea says that Sirat can’t leave Kartik because Ranveer can’t afford the comfort and the support that Kartik can give Sirat.

Kairav calls Kartik for family photo. Kartik tells Kairav that Sirat needs some time, then they will click photos and sends Kairav. Kartik says that Sirat needs to meet Ranveer for herself and decide whether she wants to move on or not. Sirat is punching the bag and recalls Kartik’s words.

Karthik is recalling Ranveer blabbering, then doctor’s words and Sirat refusing to meet Ranveer. Nani comes running to Kartik and says Sirat is missing. Kartik family wonder where she could go. Manish says that she might have returned to the hospital and says that they can’t even question Sirat as Kartik refused to ask anything to Sirat.

Sirat goes to the hospital and learns from a doctor that Ranveer got discharged. Sirat says it’s Ranveer’s habit to run away and kicks the door in anger. Later Kartik comes to the hospital. He says that it’s good Sirat come to meet Ranveer, she needs to know why Ranveer didn’t come to the temple.

Kartik learns from the doctor that Ranveer got discharged and left with his friend. Kartik asks if Sirat has come. Doctor says that Ranveer got discharged before Sirat’s arrival. Kartik wonders where Sirat has gone then.

Kartik gets ready to leave, but he bumps into a girl, who introduces herself as Nidhi, Ranveer’s sister. She says that she has come running knowing about Ranveer’s accident. She needs to tell the doctor about the bullet fragments in his body, but Ranveer left the hospital. Kartik questions Nidhi about those bullet fragments.

Other side, Ranveer is seen driving the bike fast. He’s going to meet Sirat. Chandu gets scared and tries to convince Ranveer not meet Sirat as she got engaged. Ranveer’s bike breaks down.

Chandu says that even God doesn’t want them to meet. Ranveer gets into van and leaves. Nidhi tells that Ranveer loved à girl named, Sirat, but their family was against their love, as Sirat isn’t rise like them. Ranveer decided to marry Sirat secretly in the temple, but their dad somehow got to know about it and threatened to shoot Sirat.

Ranveer did not listen to their dad and went to the temple. Then what happened only Ranveer and his friend Chandu know. Kartik asks Nidhi if she didn’t try to find out what happened.

Ranveer reaches the hotel where Sirat and Kartik engagement took place. He recalls Sirat promising him not to marry anyone else if they can’t be together. Ranveer says that Sirat can’t be someone else’s. There in the hospital Kartik tells Nidhi he’s like his brother and asks to tell him the truth. A FB shows. Sirat and Nani is waiting in the temple for Ranveer.

Ranveer comes with Chandu. Ranveer notices à shooter aiming at Sirat. Ranveer calls out Sirat, but Sirat can’t hear him due to the noise. Ranveer sees the man shooting Sirat and comes between the bullet and Sirat. He takes the bullet and falls down. FB ends. Nidhi says that Ranveer loves Sirat very much so he risked his life for Sirat.

The episode ends.

Precap: Kartik takes Sirat to meet Ranveer. Sirat slaps Ranveer.

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