Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th April 2021 Written Update: Sirat fails to talk with Kartik about her past

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th April 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Goenka’s dancing around Sirat and Kartik, song (rishton ke bagiya mehak jaati hai) plays in the background. Sirat tries to talk with Kartik about her past. Sonu interrupts and tells to Sheela about Sirat. Sirat and Goenka’s stands shocked. Riya comes from behind. Sirat asks Sheela and Sonu to leave. Kartik asks Sirat to calm down. Sirat asks Riya why she brought Sheela here. Riya tells that she went to the hospital and bumps into Sheela and Sonu. Sonu was crying thus she brought them here. Kartik asks Kairav and Vansh to take Sonu inside with them.

Kartik further asks Sheela what happened to her. Sheela tells to Goenka’s and Sirat that Mukesh left her because of second woman. She cries. Sirat accuse Sheela and says she is lying. She asks Sheela to leave. Mainsh stops Sheela from leaving the house. Sirat says to Mainsh she know Sheela well and accuse that latter is doing drama. Mainsh refuses to listen to Sirat and question her upbringing. He asks Sirat not to interrupt when he is talking. Mainsh asks Suwarna to take care of Sheela.

Sheela says to Goenka’s that she didn’t want to trouble them. She says she will leave the house with Sonu. Sheela calls Sonu and further later. Sirat thinks Sheela is doing drama yet again. Suwarna and Sirat takes Sheela inside. Sonu worries for Sheela.

Ahead, Sheela gains her consciousness back. Riya asks Suwarna to take Sonu as she will take care of Sheela. Sheela wakes up and Riya asks her to spill the beans on Sirat’s past. Riya adds as per the promise she brought her inside big house. Sheela see Kartik standing at door and change the talk. She tells to Riya that she did wrong with Sirat and regret hurting her. Riya does drama and asks Sheela to apologize to Sirat. Kartik leaves the place. Riya smirks.

There, Sirat gets angry and vents out at Mauri for letting Sheela stay with them. Mauri asks Sirat to calm down. Meanwhile, Riya asks Sheela to tell about Sirat’s past. Sheela avoid and Riya gets furious. Here, Sirat tries to reach Rohan to learn about Sheela’s truth. Rohan doesn’t pick up Sirat’s call.

Later, Mainsh confront Riya for bringing Sheela at home. Riya tells to Mainsh that Sheela is greedy woman and in return of money she will reveal about Sirat’s past. Mainsh asks Riya to be careful. Sheela overhear Riya and Mainsh’s talk and thinks she will not tell the truth easily.

Furthermore, Kartik plays with Akshu and takes her to Sirat. Sirat smiles seeing Akshu and plays with her. Kartik asks Sirat to handle Akshu while, he goes to attend a meeting. Meanwhile, Suwarna ask Suhasini if they are doing right by trusting Sirat. Suhasini says everything is right. There, Akshu walks and Sirat calls Kartik. Both gets excited seeing Akshu. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Akshu goes missing. Sirat, Kartik and Mauri worries for Akshu.

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