Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th August 2019 Written Update:- Vedika calls off the wedding

The episode begins with Naksh is hitting Aditya for creating a scene in the house. He says that this man has no shame that he always appears in the happy hours of a family and tries to destroy it. Manish and Samarth come for what and stops Naksh from heating additive father when his parents appear in the same house. They ask Aditya that how did he come here and scold him. They inform the Goenka family that Aditya is mentally disbalance hence, he speaks and imagines any random thing. We always keep him under scrutiny but don’t know how he always finds a loop and escapes. They again apologize for his behaviors and takes him from there when Aditya tells Kartik to believe him or else he will regret life.

Naira tells Kartik that do not believe in Aditya’s words Kartik, I will never come back in your life. Kartik thinks about Aditya’s words and goes inside the house, Swarna is about to go behind him when Vedika asks should she go? Swarna allows her and Suhashini cries and feels sad. Naira is walking down the street when she thinks if by any means Liza was right that how much I will try to go away from this house and Kartik my fate is making me back here again and again.

Kartik is in the darkroom when he receives a text on his phone and says I know my Naira is alive. When he realizes his phone is ringing far and he is hallucinating. He can see and feel Naira around him everywhere in the room. A song plays in the background and he feels Naira is in front of him. Kartik realizes its all his imaginations when he sees a shadow and says I am sorry, I know I have hurt you enough but will you forgive me for this? I shouldn’t have asked you that question but at least say that you will forgive me. He asks the shadow to speak up thinking it as Naira when Vedika comes forward crying and sees the entire room and left immediately.

Vedika comes in the hall when Vansh says she is here, she doesn’t answer to anybody and straight go and wash her hands in water and calls off her wedding with Kartik. She says it is not possible for her to marry Kartik when he is not even mentally prepared for it properly. She says he is still in love with Naira and we shouldn’t pressurize him like that. Here in the hospital Liza and Kairav are playing ludo with each other when Naira comes and plays for Kairav and made him win. Naira says we will surely win every game of life. Here, Vansh comes to Kartik and tries to put some sense in him and tells him that he should apologize to Dadi and Vedika. Kartik stands up and says should we celebrate the sangeet in this crying mode? He comes to Vedika and she stands up and all looks up to Kartik.

Precap – Pallavi asks Naira to go to Mumbai for Kairav treatment, she tells the same to Kartik when he asks her to stop the kid and let him talk to his mother. Kartik takes the phone to talk to Naira.