Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th February 2024 Written Update: Ruhi troubles Abhira.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th February 2024 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Arman tells Abhira that someone has called her. Abhira decides to ruin Ruhi’s sweetdish to bring Vidya and Manisha close. Ruhi gets angry at Abhira for ruining her dish. Abhira stands, mum. Aryan tells Kaveri that Abhira ruined Ruhi’s dish. Kaveri’s friend asks her what happened. Kaveri avoids the talk.

Ruhi asks Abhira why she ruined her dish. Abhira says she wanted to use lemon in her dish, but by mistake, she used it in Ruhi’s. Ruhi gets angry. Both Abhira and Ruhi argue with each other. Kaveri’s friend asks how long they have to wait for lunch. Manisha says Abhira is slow. She adds that Abhira and Ruhi keep arguing. Kaveri and poddars get ashamed. Kaveri’s friend says Manisha should not be ashame her family by saying bad things about their daughter-in-law. Manisha gets upset. Kajal looks for Charu.

Dev asks Charu if she has stolen the legal information from her firm. Charu apologizes to Dev for doing the wrong thing. Charu cries and says she will not repeat her mistake.

Arman asks Abhira why she ruined Ruhi’s dish. Abhira says she has apologized to Ruhi. Manisha and Vidya team up to fix the dish. Arman decodes Abhira ruined Ruhi’s dish to bring Vidya and Manisha close. Abhira lied to Arman. Ruhi asks Arman to stop praising Abhira. She adds that Abhira deliberately ruined the dish.

Manisha and Vidya ask Ruhi and Abhira to serve the dishes. Kaveri’s friends praise the lunch. Kaveri gets happy. Vidya and Manisha smile at each other. Abhira adores Vidya and Manisha. Arman adores Abhira. 

Sanjay return home. He thought about the lunch. Jagraj calls Sanjay. Sanjay asks Jagraj how he can help. Jagraj asks Sanjay to win Yuvraj’s case and get bail. Sanjay remembers his rivalry with Abhira. He decides to fight Yuvraj’s case. 

Swarna and Surekha console Manish. Manish remembers Akshara. Swarna and Surekha decide to be with Manish during this tough time. 

Kaveri gets excited to distribute sweets to the members of the Poddar family for cooking good food. Arman asks Abhira if she is excited to get her first sweet. Abhira gets excited. Kaveri distributes sweets to Vidya, Manisha, Ruhi, and Arman. Arman apologizes to Kaveri for hurting her. Kaveri showers love to Arman. Abhira forwards her hand for the sweet. Kaveri refuses to give the sweet. She claims Abhira ruined Ruhi’s dish. Arman takes a stand for Abhira. Ruhi gets shocked. -Episode Ends

Precap: Abhira waits for someone in the garden. Yuvraj re-enters Abhira’s life. 

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