Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th May 2021 Written Update: Sirat and Ranveer come face to face

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sirat appologizes for Kairav getting upset because of her. Kartik says that’s fine. Sirat says that it shouldn’t happen again. He took the responsibility of her dream while she took the responsibility of his family, so she should fulfill her responsibilities. Sirat then asks Kartik if he does want to know where she went yesterday.

Kartik replies hospital. Sirat that she couldn’t meet Ranveer as he run away once again. It seems he did not come here by wish but their destiny had brought them together. Kartik recalls Nidhi’s words and thinks that he should tell the truth to Sirat, but he doesn’t say anything and leaves from there.

Kartik thinks that he didn’t do right by hiding the truth from Sirat. Kartik runs to Sirat to tell her the truth, but stops remembering Swarna telling that Kairav can’t handle Sirat going back to Ranveer. At the police station, Ranveer argues with Chandu when he will get bail. He needs to talk to Sirat.

Nidhi comes there. She hugs him and cries. Ranveer says that he is not her brother, he broke all the ties with the family. Nidhi says what’s her fault, she hasn’t meet her brother since 2 years. He did not even answer her calls.

Ranveer asks Nidhi to leave. Nidhi refuses and tries to inform their dad so that he will bail Ranveer out, but Ranveer stops her saying he doesn’t share any relation with him. Nidhi says that she will call Kartik that she came across in the hospital. He was also searching for him. Chandu asks Nidhi not to call Kartik.

Sirat sees a small accident and recollects Ranveer’s accident. Later she finds a handmade telephone diary in her things and remembers Ranveer gifting her the diary with his circles people’s number so that Sirat doesn’t have any problem to contact him.

Sirat takes her phone to dial Ranveer’s number, but remembering that Ranveer did not reach the temple for the wedding. She crushes the diary and throws it out. Kartik picks the diary up. He finds Ranveer’s love messages in the diary. The hotel staff tells Kartik that someone had broken his car’s glasses and the car will get ready in two days.

Kartik asks who did it. The staff tells Ranveer and adds that he’s in the jail now. Kartik realizes that Ranveer has done this for Sirat.

Nidhi asks Ranveer why he’s angry with their mom, what is her mistake. Ranveer says that he can never forget that their mom supported Dad in his crime. Chandu tells Ranveer that Kartik has withdrawn the case against him. Kartik leaves without meeting Ranveer. On his way, he receives a call.

Other side Swarna gets Sirat ready in saree to go to the ashram to meet kartik’s dadi. Kartik comes there. Swarna asks Kartik to take Sirat to the ashram. Kartik agrees. Rhea asks Kartik if his car got ready and he got to know who had broken his car’s glasses.

Sirat is shocked and asks Kartik to tell her who did it, she will beat that person. Manish says that Sirat doesn’t need to interfere, the hotel management handle it. Kartik tells that he has withdrawn the complain. Manish asks who did it.

Kartik refuses to reveal that person’s identity and angrily leaves from there. Nani goes after Kartik. Nani tells that she knows Ranveer did it and thanks Kartik for not revealing his name, as Sirat has to bear family’s anger.

Sirat tells that he went out of Ranveer’s anger on Manish and asks him to tell her the truth when he will be calmed down. Kartik thinks that he is unable to tell the truth. They get suprised seeing a new car. A man says that it’s a gift and hands Kartik the car key and a note.

Kartik reads in the note that Ranveer says that he can’t see Sirat with someone else, so he went out his anger by breaking his car’s glasses.

Kartik takes Sirat to the Sirat sports company godown. Sirat gets excited on seeing her name in the company name board. Kartik takes Sirat inside the building. Sirat gets shocked seeing Ranveer there. Kartik recalls a FB. Ranveer calls Kartik. The latter asks if they can meet.

Ranveer agrees and asks Kartik to come his godown. FB ends. Ranveer recalls Kartik and Sirat engagement and starts breaking everything. Sirat punches Ranveer on his face.

The episode ends.

Precap: Sirat and Ranveer clear out their misunderstanding. Kartik wonders how to tell Kairav the truth.

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