Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th September 2021 Written Update: Gayu shocks Goenkas

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th September 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Sirat seeing Naira picture. Kartik come and Sirat explain him that she was just fixing the Naira frame. Kartik inform Sirat about the photoshoot. He asks Sirat to get ready. Kartik asks Sirat if she is stressed over something. He adds she can share with him as they have promised each other that they will not hide anything. Sirat says to Kartik she is not hiding anything.

Ahead, Sirat meet Gayu to talk about second marriage. But fails to talk as Akshu started crying. Sirat think it is difficult to talk with Gayu about second marriage. She adds she is clueless how Naira used to manage everything. Sirat goes to meet Akshu. Kairav and Vansh along with Sirat tries to cheer Akshu. Kartik come asks Sirat to bring food for Akshu. In the meantime, Akshu stopped crying seeing Naira’s dance on TV. Sirat comeback and watch Naira dance. Kartik tell to Sirat that Naira was passionate about everything. Sirat decide to become Naira. Kartik asks Sirat if she need any help in convincing Gayu for second marriage. Sirat says to Kartik that she will manage. She think she has to become like a Naira and will convince Gayu.

Later, Sirat advises Gayu to give her nuptial life a second chance. Gayu cracks Suhasni and Swarna might have send Sirat to convince her. She decide to move on with Vansh and Vatsal. Gayu lie to Sirat that she will think upon her offer. Suhasini praise Sirat and says she handle the matter same like Naira. Sirat says Gayu is yet to say yes. Suhasini says they should call groom family. Sirat says it is quiet early. Suhasini and Swarna says they should make Gayu meet the family.

Manish doubt on Sirat and says she can’t be Naira and what if they have to pay for Sirat action. He adds Sirat can never become like a Naira and gets angry on Suhasini and Swarna for giving Sirat a task. Sirat overhear Manish talk and says soon she will fill tha gap and will turn fully like Naira.

Ahead, Sirat seek Kairav and Vansh to learn English. Later, Sirat try to impress Kartik speaking in English. Kartik asks Sirat if she is learning English by her own wish or under pressure. Sirat reveal she is learning for herself. Kartik praise Kairav and Vansh for helping Sirat. Kartik praise Sirat for convincing Gayu. He asks Sirat to also convince Gayu to meet the boy at some other place. Sirat decides to talk with Gayu again. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Manish and Surekha gets furious on Sirat for taking Gayu to meet the boy without even discussing with them. They says Sirat can’t become Naira ever. Sirat stands teary.

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