Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th April 2021 Written Update: Sirat doubts Riya’s intention

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th April 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Luv showing to Kartik bald man. Bald man take a little girl with him in auto. Kartik runs and catch the auto. He asks the man to show the girl. Kartik sit stuns seeing the girl is not Akshu. He asks the man to take care of his child. Kartik tells to the man that his daughter is missing.

Other side, Sirat follows Riya. Riya checks the place where she hide Akshu and stands shocked finding her nowhere. She panics. Sirat comes and confront Riya about kidnapping Akshu. Riya refuses to tell Sirat anything and makes an excuse. Mainsh comes and support Riya. He further adds Akshu is more important than anything else now. Mainsh warns Sirat and says he will not spare her if anything happens to Akshu. Riya and Mainsh leaves the place.

Sirat find Akshu’s accessories at the place and says her doubt is right. She thinks Riya is behind missing Akshu. Sirat decides to find Akshu. There, Kartik feels helpless. Luv-Kush take care of Kartik. Meanwhile, Kairav cries for Akshu. Vansh asks Kairav not to cry. Kairav asks Vansh if they will lose Akshu forever. Sonu says to Kairav that his sister use to say that God helps the one who doesn’t lose hope. Kairav says Naira used to say the same. Vansh, Sonu and Kairav decides to find Akshu.

Sheela see Sonu and says instead of helping Kairav and Vansh he could have enjoy Goenka’s luxuries. She further gets elated seeing the food stuffs. Here, Riya thinks where Akshu missing as she kept her safely to the place. She thinks she thought when Goenka’s will get tired of searching Akshu than she will bring out Akshu to gain attention. Riya calls Akshu irritating.

Later, Luv-Kush brings Kartik home. Kartik sits lifeless. Sirat comes to Kartik and apologize to her. She says to Kartik she doesn’t miss Akshu intentionally. Kartik doesn’t reply to Sirat. Other side, Mauri doubts on Sheela.  She beats her and asks her to tell where is Akshu. Sheela says to Mauri she is clueless about Akshu. Suwarna and Suhasini asks Mauri to calm down. Sheela says to Suhasini they can even call police but she didn’t kidnapped Akshu. Suwarna tells that Mainsh already informed Police.

Riya prays for Akshu too. Meanwhile, Akshu sit under the bench where Sirat and Kartik is sitting. Both fails to see Akshu. Police come and investigates about Sirat. Suwarna and Gayu prays for Akshu. Sirat cries for Akshu. She prays for Akshara. Sirat see Akshu’s socks and decides to look for Akshu. She calls Kartik too. Kartik stands shocked seeing Akshu’s socks. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Sirat reveals to Kartik about her past and tells him about her boyfriend. Elsewhere, Sirat’s boyfriend marks his entry.

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