Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 8th August 2019 written update:- Kairav Falls more in and demands to meet his father

The episode begins with Naira is thanking God for arranging things for Kairav’s treatment. She expresses her gratitude in front of the idol and says that you have arranged all through Kartik and this is what matters to me most.

On the other side, Kartik himself is praying to God to give him enough courage and strength to complete the responsibility he has taken up. He complaints that whatever I want you will not be able to give me that so instead just let things happen in a flow.

Naira, on the other hand, says that there is no question of backing off now as Kartik has decided to move on for better and I am also trying to move on. Naira prays ‘I don’t need so much of happiness but only those small moments of being happy and content with my kid Kairav’.

Naira says that today is a very big day for me while on the other hand Kartik also admits that everything is going to change forever from today onwards. In the hospital, the nurse comes to Kairav and ask him to change his dress. He asks Naira why does he need to change his dress. Naira tries her best to divert his mind by saying stuff that can make him happy and understand enough to change the clothes himself.

Here in the Goenka Villa, Vansh comes down and sees two ladies are doing something with turmeric. He goes to Naksh and asks him what is that yellow thing? Naksh says its turmeric paste required for husband and wife before their marriage so that they can look good. He says then even I want to apply it, Badi Dadi says why not? We can even get you married. Vansh runs from there and says I don’t want to marry anyone.

Suhasini is running here and there for marriage preparations. Suddenly she shouts in fear and all runs to that direction to find out that the bowl containing the turmeric paste has fallen on the floor. Suhasini prays to god that not to bring any obstacles in their marriage and let everything goes smoothly.

Here a doctor is checking Kairav before his surgery when he asks Naira about Kartik. Kairav tells Naira he is not feeling well and everything is moving around him. Naira asks doctors and they checked him and tell his BP is low and we can’t go ahead with the operation anymore. Naira asks for the surgeon when they say he is on his way and must be caught in traffic. Naira tries to contact Dr.Pallavi but her phone is also not reachable.

Manish comes to Kartik and tells him some wise words and asks him to give himself a chance to move on in life. He says I was on the same line as you when I was going to marry Swarna.

However, I feel that you, Swarna has done no wrong to me, I have to fight a battle with myself. Manish says always remember the people who love us always want us to stay happy. Kartik says my case is different, you used to love Swarna ma but I didn’t love Vedika. Manish says if destiny has written Vedika for you, no one can change it. Kairav on the other side keep on asking about his father and wants to meet him at any cost. Doctors are going to give him an injection and he cries to call Kartik as he is scared. Naira tries to calm him down and calls Pallavi but it is not connecting. Suddenly, Kartik received a text on his phone and gets shocked to see the matter.

Precap – Lisa again asks Naira to stop the wedding and here Kartik goes missing from the marriage venue.